CryptoFinney x Kool Keith

Introducing Alvin Kelly

We recently teamed up with Kool Keith and Junkadelic to bring our most avid collectors a limited edition airdrop, featuring a brand new character from the Finneyverse – Alvin Kelly.

The drop is capped at just 150 mints on WAX and 150 mints on EOS, and was distributed exclusively to WAX and EOS wallets holding a Bare Metal Finney or a BTCminer.

Who is Kool Keith?

Kool Keith is a rap legend.

Originally from the Bronx, New York, Kool Keith has recorded prolifically since 1984 when his career took-off upon founding the group Ultramagnetic MCs.

Responsible for numerous hits including ‘Livin’ Astro’, ‘Black Elvis / Lost in Space’ and ‘Plastic World’, Kool Keith has recorded more than fifty albums since the release of ‘Critical Beatdown’ in October, 1988.

Known by many names, and with music released under an even broader array of monikers, Kool Keith is better known in some circles as Dr Octogon, Dr Dooom, Poppa Large, Black Elvis, Sk8 Johnson, Tashan Dorrsett or of course – Alvin Kelly.

How collaboration?

One half of Junkadelic, the iconic duo that have produced many of Keith’s most epic records, stumbled across a community post and gave us a follow - Finney had caught his eye. A dialogue sprung up and a mutual interest to collaborate emerged.

It wasn’t long until the ideas began flowing, and very quickly we realised we had a chance to produce an epic pair of NFT’s that would combine the finest pixel art with the dopest beats on the WAX and EOS Blockchains.

What Next?

One of the more interesting attributes of the Alvin Kelly assets that were recently distributed is that they form part of the ‘Characters’ set, alongside the likes of ‘Floppy’, ‘Mr Shift’, ‘Snap’ and ‘Rolo’, with the implication of course being that we should expect to see Alvin Kelly feature in a Volume of the Cryptowriter saga at some point in the future.

Alvin Kelly

Anybody taking the time to listen to the lyrics to Alvin Kelly – the dope af track that brings the bass to the Alvin Kelly NFT – would know it describes a time at which Kool Keith has turned his back on the rap game.

The track ‘Alvin Kelly’ is on the album Computer Technology, the album released directly before Keith’s most recent project ‘Total Orgasm 6’. These and many more of Keith’s albums can be purchased from, or listened to on Spotify or YouTube.

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