Cryptowriter NFT Community Update 👀

Dear Cryptowriter Community,

It’s been a wild couple of months. From Finney’s Arrival to the launch of the Membership Card and the Genesis Finney Coin Burn Activation, this community has grown in ways we never imagined. We’d like to provide you with a quick update on what to expect going forward. 

Cryptowriter NFT Membership Card 

One of our top priorities is finding ways to reward active members of our community. One of the ways we do this is through a lifetime of NFT airdrops via the Cryptowriter NFT Membership Card. 

How do you get one?

Find a way to bring value to the Cryptowriter community. Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to reward outstanding community members with a membership card on an increasingly limited basis. 

As a holder of a membership card, expect to be airdropped dope artwork from our signature feature, Behind the Pixel. The frequency of the Behind the Pixel airdrops should ramp up in the near future to at least 2 airdrops per month. 

Also, membership cardholders can expect a very special CryptoFinney airdrop that non-holders will be fiending for… “Y’all got anymore of those Finney coins?”


We’re excited to announce that we’ve begun the development of the second release of CryptoFinney. The next series will reintroduce everyone’s favorite android but in new iconic forms. Experience even more pixel art nostalgia as an animated CryptoFinney traverses new landscapes. We expect CryptoFinney 2.0 to land within the next 3 months, not long after the Finney pack drop detailed below.

BTCminer Rewards

Those holding BTCminers will receive 5 separate CryptoFinney airdrops over the coming months. These airdrops feature animated CryptoFinney characters on matching metal backgrounds and introduce 2 new gripping characters from Finney’s plight. The snapshot for the first drop will be on May 15th, with the actual drop happening shortly thereafter. Subsequent BTCminer drops will be a couple of weeks apart. You can follow the countdown HERE

Finney Pack Drop

We continue to tell the story of Finney’s epic adventure in more detail with a breathtaking, comic-style pack release, featuring 21 pieces of original art by Lars Komminezuspadt and team with narration done by Mark Bailey. Those of you familiar with Chapter 1: Finney’s Arrival, will now learn all that happened from the moment Finney set foot on earth, to his first encounter with the diabolical Mr. Shift, on to the discovery of the mysterious device. While we can’t give you a specific launch date, we can say that the work has begun, and without any unforeseen circumstances, we’d expect the packs to drop within the next 2-3 months. 

Cryptowriter’s Uplift World

We have begun the development of our land in Uplift World. Modeled after the first card of Chapter 1: Finney’s Arrival, lead builder Thomas Smith is well on his way to building a spectacular cityscape. Upon completion, expect the map to be riddled with QR Codes tied to NFT claim links and a handful of unique Cryptowriter NFT galleries.  

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