DAPP & DAD Awarded Grants

DAPP Network and DAPP Account DAO were both awarded $100K grants by the EOS Foundation. The grants are recognition of the projects' early development and deployment on EOS. DAPP Network created a decentralized middleware or layer-2 technology. DAPP’s tech stack was initially launched on EOS and many EOSIO projects have implemented their tech to create decentralized service providers. DAD has launched multiple DeFi applications on EOS and built a bridge to Ethereum. Their community formed around DAPP Accounts, which aims to create a seamless blockchain user experience. DAPP Accounts will enable users to interact with dApps using only their email address.

DAPP Network

DAPP Network was one of the first middleware, layer-2 services initially launched on EOS. The DAPP Network was originally launched by LiquidApps, but it was recently formed into a DAO. The network is governed by DAPP token holders and their elected guardians. The DAPP Network aims to become the application hub for blockchain services. This idea is similar to AWS or other cloud service providers. The DAPP Network provides developers with a suite of services to build-out immortal applications and products. The applications are essentially immortal because they won’t be restricted to one-chain or protocol-layer blockchain. DAPP built their infrastructure for a multi-chain future, where each mainstream blockchain can simply plug-in to the network. Developers will not have to worry about the blockchain they choose to build if they plug their application into DAPP Network.


DAPP Account DAO

DAD’s mission is to make crypto and blockchain easy for the average person. You won’t need to understand keys or seed phrases. Users will not know if an application lives on ETH, EOS, or SOL. They’ll simply interact with decentralized applications from their devices without worrying about complex crypto jargon.

DAD was one of the very first DAOs on EOS. Blockstart initially created DAPP Accounts and then launched DAD as their DAO’s governance token. The community formed around this project and voted Blockstart as their lead development team.

The community discusses their ideas and creates proposals for development on one of DAD’s front-end websites:

DAD: The Ultimate DeFi DAO

DAD is a deflationary DeFi token. Their DAO is one of the most thriving and successful DeFi communities on EOS. Although DAD’s community initially formed around DAPP Accounts, their products range across many verticals. DAD is a revolutionary DeFi token, essentially producing high yields from fees while remaining deflationary through buybacks. The community has also implemented airdrops to those staking and locking DAD.


DAD is not just one project. DAD is DeFi Vaults, E-Curve, Hedgeos, and Raffle. DAD is the ultimate DeFi token. And it’s created an ETH to EOS bridge.

DAD’s products:

  1. E-Curve is designed to produce high stablecoin and DeFi yields on EOS.

  2. DAD’s bridge allows Ethereum stablecoin holders to connect with dApps on EOS, like E-Curve, to earn high yields and access feeless DeFi products.

  3. DAPP Account enables users to sign transactions with email based logins shared across various dApps. You’ll have simple access to integrated blockchain apps and your wallet.

  4. DAD vaults utilize the highest paying yields available.

  5. Hegeos is options trading on EOS. You can long or short EOS. If you’re wrong, the money paid for insurance on that option is distributed back to stakers.

  6. No-loss lottery producing yields and fun incentive for playing.

DAD Uses DAPP Network Tech

DAD is one of the EOSIO projects implementing DAPP Network’s tech for cross-chain functionality. They’ve built an ETH-EOS bridge, which DAPP and EMT have used to make their tokens compatible with Ethereum. DAPP token is now liquid on Bancor while EMT’s initial liquidity will be on Sushi Swap.

EOS Foundation Makes EOS Great Again

As a community leader for both DAPP and DAD, I would like to express great appreciation to EOS Foundation as well as the broader EOS community for their continued support.

The DAOs both welcome these grants as significant contributions to assist with operations and boost additional development work. The EOS Foundation, alongside new initiatives like Eden and Pomelo, are doing great things for the EOS community. The EOS mainnet will always have tremendous value as long as great teams and developers continue building and assisting their supporters.


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