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Any project with a staking system attracts my attention. Therefore, DAPP will be on my watchlist.

But, NFT side of the article attracts me more. The idea about percentage boosts is brilliant.

Also i liked the idea about embedded DAPP or stable coins. Participate in efforts to find super rare item would be exciting.

Thanks for the article Wes!

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Nft side is really amazing 🔥

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As far as I understand technical part of the system is very well designed and these features sound decent. What got my attraction is the NFT bridge, there are many platforms which have good collections, connecting these collections would be high level work.

The idea of NFT bridge excite me more than other multi-chain features. We will see what awaits us in future.

Thanks for the article, I tried to understand it as much as I can.

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I think multi-chain will affect prices. I hope we see it soon.

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I basically know things like Staking, LP, farm. But I don't know about the systematics. It sounds complicated. Therefore, I can not clearly understand what is written. And when English is bad.

But the NFT side of the job is very good. It looks like it was planned well. Of course, I don't know until I try. But it's obviously systematic.

I wish you success. I'll study and come back here. Good reading, everyone.

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unfortunately I have the same problem, but I am sure that our knowledge of the market will increase day by day.

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NFT uses will also expand rapidly. It can facilitate different ideas. As an example, it would be great to use.

In general, NFTS that work are much more valuable. In the same way, buying and selling is too easy. So it's exciting to see NFTS that work.

I hope they succeed in their goals.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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"DAPP Powered NFTs"

This excites me so much and if i am excited just after listening Don't know what will happen after i see the final product lol

I believe everyone reading this would be excited :)

Thanks for the Article Wes ❤️🔥

Learned about Something New Today :)

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I'm sure great things will come out of Dapp and Bancor's union.

The staking system is already a system that I have always admired. You earn new coins without losing the coin in your hand

Another thing I like is the nft network. I already think why there is no nft network, it was definitely a step that should be taken.

thanks for reading

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The NFT added a very different air. I think most things are just beginning. We're still at the base of the building. NFT network. It would be great.

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It's nice that the DAPP network chose Bancor.

The promise of permanent loss protection will keep people heading here.

It is clear that Bancor offers many advantages.

Buying vBNT with a 66% discount seems like a good opportunity.

They need to fine-tune the locking times.

LiquidApps' grant to Blockstart increases confidence in the project.

I think DAPP supported NFTs will make a lot of noise.

DAPPs will have huge transaction volume in the future.

It will help a lot in the development of the cryptocurrency world.

I think it will be like a chain growth style in the long run.

NFT - DAPPs - Cryptocurrencies.

If this project proceeds successfully, it will add significant value to the crypto world.

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Bancor DAO DAPPs bridge the NFT market and add value to the NFT community. I can't wait to see and review them. I think Nft staking with DAPPs and similar NFT platforms will create value and many NFT companies will invest here.

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Wow wow Dapp and Bancor are going to do a great job I'm already feeling it and excited.

Dapp really made a logical move and I'm sure there will be great things in the future because when I read the technical parts, I realized how well they worked and designed it.

Thanks for the update and article.

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These are Dapp's baby steps , so many great projects await us.

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Bancor is the mos popular and valuable Dapp on Ethereum. Dapp Network has made a logical choice in this regard. Dapp powered NFTs and marketplace got me very excited, fascinating things await us in the future.

Thanks For Article.

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Thanks for the update. Really hyped on DAPP.

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I was not aware of this.

Thanks for information.

the only thing i know about dApp.

When we say dApp, an unlimited field should come to mind. It offers solutions ranging from decentralized applications, decentralized finance, gaming, decentralized exchanges, digital collections to the social media industry.

I support all dApp related projects. In the future, I can see existing applications and similar service-providing industries shaping themselves around dApps.

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Single-sided LP staking is nice!!

Thanks for the info

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this is great news

Thank you for keeping us informed about this.

I was particularly excited by the DAPP community's attempt to establish an NFT market.

I think the NFT ecosystem is still at the very beginning.

I think it has much more growth potential in the future.

Again, in an article I read here, the author asked a very good question.

It was telling what the next step could be after DEFI and NFT.

I guess this is the answer to the question..

These two concepts converge at one point.

A solution that allows cross-chain transfer of NFTs would be great.

I'm really looking forward to this.

This ecosystem needs it.

Thank you for your great article.

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Even thinking about selling the NFT I bought from atomic on another network and platform is very good.

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