DAPP Spotlight: EMANATE!

DAPP Network’s community project spotlight for this week is Emanate! The Emanate team just announced they’ll be using DAD’s bridge to launch an erc-20 version of EMT on Ethereum. DAD’s bridge, of course, is made possible by DAPP Network tech.

ETH Bridge & Liquidity

EMT is following DAPP’s lead in bridging their token to Ethereum. This mechanism enables a more liquid market. Whales staked into ETH’s ecosystem can now easily access EMT tokens to participate in their community. This newfound liquidity will mostly live on SushiSwap at first. But the token will be added to more DEXs and AMMs as the project continues to grow.

Emanate also plans to add more liquidity to SushiSwap and Defibox soon. Liquidity helps projects gain exposure and grow as their community’s native token is more exchangeable and accepted as financial incentive.

EMT Airdrop

There’s also 50,000 EMT airdropping to DAD token holders! If you’ve locked your DAD through ecurve.finance, you’re eligible for the rewards. These rewards will happen throughout the entire first week of October. Tomorrow is the first day of rewards at the time of writing. So stake and lock your DAD tokens if you want to earn high APY and receive free EMT!


It’s great to see DAPP Account DAO and Emanate collaborating in a meaningful way. The DAD community voted to allow Emanate’s airdrop for their token holders. This initiative is true decentralization at work. Great synergies are forming between projects utilizing DAPP Network technology. The DAPP Network wants those building on their platform to work together and find win-win solutions to empower token holders in their respective communities. Many members of each DAO will probably hold tokens for both DAD and Emanate’s DAO.

The airdrop will give DAD holders even more incentive to support EMT as they continue to develop. We’re breaking ground in a DAO-on-DAO world. Decentralized communities will start to join forces and work together as the future unfolds.

Mobile App

The Emanate Mobile App is now available for download:

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