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I know a lot of people who say bitcoin will be in a lot of different places. Some say 5k, some say 200k. there are even much lower and higher estimates. But no one says his reasons for falling and rising. I mean, most of it's in Elon.

I think more research in particular needs to be done.

For example, you can just type "Bitcoin becomes 100 thousand dollars". But my favorite point is that you explain the reasons.

Of course, after reading this, people should think for themselves and do research.

The community that says it will rise ignores the shortcomings, while the community that says it will fall does not see its good sides.

I think he should create a pool and invest. If he can't decide, he should look at his bad sides and good sides and do what outweighs it. He needs to know what he's taking.

I read research and articles in general. Especially annotated articles. Your articles are in it, and I like it. After that, I also do research. And I decide. At least I'm going to have done what I did. It's my decision to win or lose. I think everyone should do it.

He shouldn't take action just because someone said it .

Thank you for the article.

An article that most people should read.

Have a nice day.

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I think taking Ideas from Many people's is really beneficial for anyone but going according to them might be not good for you

If you agree with their views totally then i can't ask you to change the decision Everytime but if you don't agree with their views then don't go with their decisions too

There are many fake expert's in the market now who ask you to step in Altcoins by telling that they are more profitable but if you get to see it deeply then the most profitable are the one's running in Long term basis

Just keep in my Ideas can be more than one but the final judgement should only be passed by your own :)

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Clickbait and scams are ruining the internet.

If you jump on the BTC race, you better start doing your own research.

Thanks for another great BTC update Sylvain.

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Sylvain and CryptoWriter are helping me make solid decisions in my first 6 months of serious Crypto investing. Just great to have a mindset to apply to all this crazy volatility and hype!

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Whatever you tell or write some people will be there to blame you, not because of their bad attitude on making decisions, because they believed what you said.

Technology has evolved enormously, it brought mostly positive things to our lives. However, there is a negativity that people tend to believe what they hear, even if it's something insane. First we should learn how to filter, then we can pursue to decision making phase. I think it's important to leave some space for cognitive development. I have had a psychology course, it led me learn that cognitive improvements are always possible if you believe.

I always consider these articles as an opinion or analysis depending on the writer. I think thoroughly, filter the things I think reasonable, then I make my decision.

Thank you for the article! There will be always people like this, you can't prevent it, but what you can prevent is to increase quantity of these people. Reading and researching is the only option to make our mind.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and saying that they are just thoughts. People talk. There are many people who, like the people you mentioned, say false or baseless things for their own benefit.

Of course, it doesn't always have to have a basis. Just like you said, if these are just thoughts, they need to be stated that way. Because there are many people in the market who look at a couple of words someone will say.

We should definitely do our own research. Of course, we should care about the opinions of you and other people in the analysis. But we have to filter these ideas through ourselves. There is a proverb, "Every tub must stand on its own bottom." When we do what someone says, without thinking, without research, just because someone said it, and we lose our money, we can't turn around and get mad at him/her.

As a result, this type of analysis and share of ideas is absolutely essential. However, it is not right to believe them blindly. By using such analyses and ideas, we can strengthen our research and take more solid steps.

I really love reading your articles. Thank you for openly sharing your thoughts with us. Also for the article. :)

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Well said! So many wild speculations are being made but in this day and age, with extensive infomation easily available and accessable for (almost) everyone, I think if one is really interested in the future of in this case Bitcoin, but has not much knowledge. This is the way; (in my opinion;) - Educate yourself,

- consider all arguments, (from credible sources)

- do your research

- draw your own conclusions

key is not to have blind trust in what others predict because it happens to be what you want to be true. It could very well turn out to be true, but in a very volatile space as this one it is hard to make solid predictions. In 5 words; "Trust no one, Question everything"

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Of course, no one knows the future but Allah, but we believe in BTC, we believe in technology, we all spend more or less time in the stock market. If we believed the crypto market would end or BTC would drop, we would withdraw our money and buy stocks.

Sylvain self-criticizes in the article, a move to be respected. I say the same thing every time, even if you hear investment advice from someone you trust very much, research again, what harm would it be to learn new information and research. otherwise you are a sheep doing what others say. There are many people who use this situation to their advantage, we should be very careful with them. He calls people investment advice, but either pumps his own money or takes money from the owners of the money he offers.

I'll change the subject a bit, but there was an article recently about the personality traits of people who invest in the stock market. People who are skeptical and do not believe everything they hear do not trade without research. Also, when they lose, they blame themselves, not others, because they've done their research, so it's much better to blame yourself than blame others.

When I first entered the crypto exchange, I was only 17 years old and even because I was under 18, I opened the exchange account to my father. I knew two things about the stock market, one is ETH and the other is BTC, but now I know hundreds of coins. Of course I have made mistakes so far, even if I was a little careless, I made the same mistake over and over. When transferring money from one exchange to another, I would constantly use the wrong network and lose my money. but now I know almost all networks by heart. I decided to go into leverage trading for a while, but it was too complicated and I finally solved the problem by trying it. In short, I want to say that we will improve ourselves by making mistakes. This is the law of the world.

Thanks Slyvain Saurel it was a great article

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Learning by making mistakes, that is, experience. It is very important. My mistake was, too. When I look back, I don't regret any of my mistakes. If I hadn't made a mistake, maybe I would have had more money, but I wouldn't have known what the NFT was. But I've learned a lot now. These are more important than money. For me, you met crypto too soon. And getting family support must be awesome. I didn't get any support for crypto. And because I was a student, he pushed hard at first. But I believe it makes me stronger.

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I've always stayed away from people who guarantee the crypto exchange. These people are either crooks or slaves to their ego. That's just why I studied technical analysis for a long time. Not to believe liars. To understand those who draw a line and say it will fall or rise.

The best way is our own way. I don't make decisions just by looking at your analysis or anyone else's. I'll October everyone's analysis and then add my own interpretation. I'll fix what I see wrong. Afterwards, I'll draw my own way. It's the right way I see it. That way, I'm considering a lot of possibilities. I'm adding my own analysis to that.

The reason I did this is because I believed in the wrong people at first. I lost money on the promise of this coin pump. Then I sat down and grabbed a pen and paper. I've been listening to technical analysis classes from universities on the internet. He added a lot to me.

The best way to get it together is our own way. Even if we lose, we lose ourselves. It's much better than being deceived.

I'm following you, too. I like your ideas. The reason is that you stay away from FUD and FOMO. You're opening up nicely and you have your reasons. This it's perfect.

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Of course, when I invest with someone's advice, even though I shouldn't, the gain is mine, but at the same time, if I make a loss, the loss belongs to me. Therefore, we should not take advice, but create our own preferences.

We can earn money by doing this with a lot of research and experience. And most importantly, read and think about two opposing ideas about a monu. As Sylvain gave an example, it may decrease to 10 thousand dollars or increase to 100 thousand dollars. For example, we should read articles about these two phenomena, obtain information and criticize the arguments from our own perspective.

Thank you Sylvain for respecting other opinions you don't just praise your own article for.

I wish you a good day.

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Listen to all the ideas.

Read everything overwrite.

and give your own judgment yourself

It will hurt like that less.

No one can know exactly what the price will happen.

People inform you in their ideas and research.

At the end point, you take it or press the SAT key.

You are alone there.

and all responsibility is for you.

Fulfill the need for your responsibility.

Read and search a lot.

Thanks for your great article

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If you truly believe in Bitcoin your only concern should be getting more of it. Current price is of no importance.

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Entering the Bitcoin environment with hearsay information without research puts you in a completely harmful position.

Making mistakes with your own decision is healthier than someone else's word, because people learn by making mistakes. But if you let someone else think for you, it will start to cause you problems after a while.

As stated in the article, no one can guarantee you Bitcoin. Everyone has their own personal views and that can't guarantee anyone, no matter who they are.

In short, learn to think for yourself, learn to make decisions for yourself, and win for yourself.

Thank you for this very useful article.

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Do your own research, analysis, risk management, do everything by yourself.

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