EcoMatcher’s TreeChain Leverages EOSIO for Environmental Sustainability

Environmental concerns continue to permeate the business world. Popular opinion remains fixed on events like climate change as global crises. Blockchain technology garners both positive and negative criticism in this area. 

The Good and Bad of Bitcoin Mining

It was only recently that the electricity required for Bitcoin mining was seen as environmentally threatening. This is only part of the story. Bitcoin not only solves many of the issues plaguing financial systems, but does so ever more efficiently.

The World Bank still went on to portray crypto mining in a negative light as justification for denying El Salvador's request for help implementing Bitcoin. Ironically, El Salvador plans to tap volcanic energy to mine Bitcoin. This is a free and clear 'clean solution'. The World Bank overlooking such a potentially positive impact for all of humanity is a mystery, if not disconcerting.

Blockchain-based Environmental Solutions for Today

EOSIO allows for the development of better environmental solutions right now. overviewed the brilliant eco-plan in EcoMatcher Transforms Reforestation with EOSIO . The project was the praised for its configuribility this week. Here are some key points:

  • importance of transparency

  • shockingly detailed statistics derived through tracking

  • meaningful deterministic algorithms

  • close relationships with farmers and local communities

  • Blue Chip corporate interests

  • employee incentives

  • solutions that are close to heart

  • a focus on end users

The Brilliant Mind that Founded EcoMatcher 

Bas Fransen founded, and is the present CEO of, EcoMatcher. His executive experience includes work at IBM, ASML, and Phillips Semiconductors. EcoMatcher wasn't his first startup, but it may prove to be his finest. He's currently based in Hong Kong.

About TreeChain

EcoMatcher developed the TreeChain blockchain to help businesses offset carbon footprints. TreeChain is a private venture that uniquely leverages EOSIO's configurability. It tracks reforestation efforts with unparalleled proficiency and transparency. EcoMatcher is also a recipient of an EOS VC grant, a positive for the greater ecosystem.

Tracking and Transparency

Bas identified transparency as a key factor in the movement of profound environmental solutions like tree planting. Corporations have reiterated time and again how transparency impacts biodiversity in attempts to simultaneously preserve revenue.

TreeChain individually tracks and secures every tree on blockchain-based records. This allows for solutions that simultaneously preserve the Earth while improving account histories and ownership transference. 

Tracking details include:

  • every tree planted

  • the farmer who planted the tree

  • snapshots through time

  • CO2 data

  • satellite info

  • photographs

  • specific location

  • species

EcoMatcher employs its own algorithms in making historical determinations of carbon sequestration for the trees it plants. This forms the basis for the immediate and long-term reports that clients receive.

EcoMatcher project statistics go beyond the details listed here. TreeChain transparency and tracking improve efficiency, are convenient, and generally appealing for businesses wishing to offset their carbon footprint.

Corporations Involved

Social responsibility is integral to the overall success of all corporations. Global reforestation is considered to be one of the most profound sustainability initiatives. 

EcoMatcher recognizes the opportunity and provides unmatched services. Its business model involves carefully vetting the organizations that plant it's trees. Farmers throughout the world contribute to the effort. 

Corporate clients interested in blockchain come from a variety of sectors. EcoMatcher clients already include renowned companies like Microsoft, S&P Global, and Zuellig Pharma. Of course, TreeChain offsets its own carbon footprint.

Other Things to Consider

EcoMatcher consistently pushes the envelope. Its solution is about a better world and not merely bottom lines. EcoMatcher clients gain access to various strategies like employee incentives and gifting programs. Imagine gifting a tree with the recipient obtaining a photo, knowing the precise location, who planted it, and a plethora of historical information.

Forging Relationships

Companies, local communities, and individuals all benefit from EcoMatcher's hands-on approach. The team travels to the sites it selects. The process is about more than observation and comprises forming relationships with tree farmers and local communities. Operations in developing countries seek to improve the overall situation of residents. One example is how EcoMatcher helps improve soil specifically for crop growth.

End users have access to both web and mobile apps. There's even a feature to send messages directly to farmers and another for naming trees. EcoMatcher delivers solutions that are both business savvy and close to heart.

EcoMatcher maintains an aggressive goal of planting a billion trees by 2023.

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