EdenOnEOS at 100 Members: Community, Vision, Wisdom, Block Production, and so much more

EdenOS develops governance solutions for blockchains. It’s founded on the principles presented and compiled within More Equal Animals - The Subtle Art of True Democracy. A brief overview can be found here. For those already familiar with some of what EdenOS has to offer and wish to explore membership now, visit the Getting Started page.

About the Contents within this Article

Inspiration around EdenOnEOS ran bountifully this week. Membership growth and the upcoming (July 17) trial election also dominated the discussion. An EdenOS run BP is also seriously being considered. Other topics included various types of funding, vote support, infrastructure, and development. Below you’ll find highlights of recent discussions and initiatives from around the community.

EdenOnEOS at 100

It's not too far off to say that EdenOS’ age be measured in membership numbers. Afterall, decades of experience are added with each new member. This idea rings more true as EdenOS delivers on its promise to empower and facilitate independence for its members.

EdenOS provides the basis for much more than a single community. It’s the development of ideas, software, and infrastructure that enable large groups to enact meaningful change. The current organized body of about 100 spirited members fondly calls itself EdenOnEOS .

July 17 Mock Election

Everyone will be able to participate in the second trial election to be held on July 17 at 1600 UTC (12:00 p.m. EST). To register, you'll need an EOS account, email address, and make a non-refundable donation of 1 EOS. Sign up here!

Membership Growth

An important membership target is 1,000. Reaching this milestone will help gauge the status of EdenOS development as well as its overall future course. Will it be easier to get from 1,000 to 10,000 than from an initial core of 10 visionaries to where EdenOS stands today?

With over a 100 members and several waiting to be inducted, a vastly diverse community already appears to be forming. Developers are a mere fraction of the community. They’re the easiest to onboard because of an understanding of the tech and its potential. Growth via diversity is even now being seen in languages other than English. 

Funding, Development and Support

Existing BPs and organizations like EOS USA and Block.one can provide the funding and support EdenOS needs to get off the ground. The community is not waiting for any organization to feel it's the right time to invest. Rather, a wide range of efforts are being explored. Support from eastern-based BPs seem to offer vastly untapped potential. 

It will be a challenge to coordinate BP efforts, but the rewards are profound. From the very beginning, funding EdenOS development has been itself an effort in innovation. From funneling proceeds to a dedicated address to dynamic resourcing from standby BPs, the community is aggressively searching for sustainable solutions. Below is the expected funding distribution following the second trial election (Yes, we are already playing with real money).

Funding Distribution Following the Election

  • 2000 EOS - Satoshi (board randomly selects)

  • 100 EOS - per board member (minimum of three)

  • 10 EOS - per delegate (comprised of the selectees from the round prior to the board’s selection)

An EdenOS Run BP

It’s estimated that an EdenOS run BP would provide 200+ EOS per day and a few hundred thousand USD annually (at current pricing). Key to the discussion has been a modest inflation rate of 0.25%. Even such a small fraction is thought to make a world of difference for EdenOS development. 

A single BP would be relatively insignificant over the long-term. Though, it would demonstrate the capacity for taking meaningful action. Also proposed was running multiple BPs.

Unfortunately, putting together an EdenOS BP comes with tax ramifications. A committee has been suggested, as well as deferring to a non-profit to solve associated issues.


This is step two of a three-step process toward 1,000 members and a funded budget with real teeth.

  • Step 1: Live, manual test of playoff consensus mechanism (May 13, 2021). 

  • Step 2: Second trial election (July 17, 2021) with twice as many participants and funding that provides the needed data to complete software infrastructure as well as a dapp

  • Step 3: First official election (possibly on September 15, 2021) after budget allocations have been responsibly deployed, and results tracked and analyzed. 1000 members is widely considered a key requirement.

Interim steps and adjustments are to be expected. The ClarionOS team has been following up each event with development. Among the motivating factors for progressing in this way is to entice investors. A detailed road map can be found here.

Newly Scheduled Live Conversations

Elections are for finalizing community initiatives. A lot more goes into creating change than merely the discussions during the political playoffs.

Live conversations throughout the week aim to bring the community together, inform, and provide opportunities.

  • Monday [22:00 - 24:00 UTC] 'Open Mic' meeting:

    • Introductions and presentations

    • Meetings will be recorded

  • Thursday [20:00 to 21:30 UTC] Eden Community podcast

    • Announcements, insight, special guest, and Q&A 

    • Meetings will be recorded

  • Saturday [00:00 to 01:30 UTC] webinar

    • Community discussion, education, and content growth

    • Meetings will be recorded

The Eden Community Events Calendar is open for members to contribute. All three of the scheduled conversations are already listed there.

Concluding Thoughts

Don’t worry if some of these concepts seem hard to grasp. It’s very early in development. EdenOnEOS community recognized the need to grasp the bull by the horn and give it a thunderous shake. It’s about effecting change, rather than responding to market influences. The whole of the membership body feels this way. The effort to join is just the first step. Participation and identifying needs are just as important. Though a voluntary enterprise, EdenOS was born out of a motivation to get EOS back where it needs to be.

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