EdenOnEOS Fulfills a Blockchain Mission

The Internet connected the world and all of its information. Unfortunately, the vision of early developers has yet to be realized. Originally designed as decentralized, the current Internet increasingly moves toward a centralized server-based system. Blockchains like EOS counter this trend. EdenOnEOS promises to establish a fully distributed governance network.

Internet Development and the Battle for Decentralization

Derailing a peer-based Internet finds fault in a myriad of factors. This article only considers those which are related to blockchain technology and the crypto industry. Some reasons include:

  • Aggressive advancement of supply chain economics

  • Trends toward monopolistic tech companies

  • Misplaced security developments

  • Lack of user interest in digital ownership

Supply chains were among the most drastic growth areas inspired by internet technologies. It fueled global accounting networks, and hence, opened up new demand. Not surprisingly, attempts to maximize efficiency led to a trend of monopolies, especially those with profound server interests.

With users dissociated and disinterested in the underpinnings of the Internet, security protocols became misplaced. A standard of trusted third parties emerged to control the private information of citizens throughout the world. We witness this outcome through the many Congressional hearings on privacy and other matters. They are directly attributable to overblown third party and server-based networks.

About EdenOS and Its First Official Election

EdenOS is the name of the technology that allows for Proof-of-Human (PoH) elections on blockchain. Every new member is approved by a group of existing (and independent) members. A brief video of the process is recorded on-chain. The first official election to use EdenOS is scheduled for October 9th. Skip to the end of this article for links to EdenOS and the greater ecosystem.

EdenOS vs EdenOnEOS (and ClarionOS)

Where EdenOS is the name of PoH technology, EdenOnEOS is the first community to employ it. ClarionOS is a separate suite of communication technologies that will provide support for on-chain elections, as well as the overall EOS mainnet. ClarionOS will likely also have applications for blockchains that seek to build on EOSIO- the technology upon which the EOS mainnet and other DPoS blockchains are built.

A Mission Fulfilled

By now you've probably grasped a bit of how EdenOS uniquely advances blockchain. EdenOnEOS empowers users, peaks their interests, and provides for new network opportunities that've never before existed. 

Many pre-2000-Internet dreamers envisioned such a world. Without crypto and real ownership of digital assets, this simply was not possible. EdenOS' use of IPFS (Interplanetary File Storage) for it's videos solidifies the legacy of each new member. 

EdenOnEOS, a dream fulfilled. EdenOS tech can become part of the solution to unlocking the next level of blockchain. It's one that empowers users with a voice. Cryptographically secured digital money certainly does this. However, EdenOnEOS fosters a more human connection.

To learn more about EdenOnEOS, visit:

  • Telegram - Lighthearted chats with the core community, developers and onboarding for new members.

  • EOScommunity.org - Information relevant to EOS mainnet community interests and EOSIO developers. Includes things like how to open an account, information about EOS, wallets, tools, exchanges, developer portal, and contact information.

  • EdenEOS.org - For those wishing to get directly involved and become members. There you’ll find membership information, an overview of EdenOS, member database, how to get involved, election information, and resources.

  • Forums - Free-flowing, content-filled posts about all things EOS/EOSIO and pertinent to the future of a blockchain-based internet. It’s a workspace and watercoller talk to get your complex questions answered and liftoff new initiatives.

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