EdenOS Alpha Test Results and Experiences

EdenOS grew out of a seasoned blockchain community. Building EOS from the ground up ingrained an understanding of the path necessary to move forward. Several projects have already been identified as worthy of funding.

The first “Alpha Test” quickly and decisivly reached consensus. By no means trivial, the test demonstrates the EOS community’s talent in building for function. This article describes the process, overviews the winning idea and its trustee, as well as highlights experiences from participants.


  • Round_1 began with 16 rooms. 50 minutes were allotted for each room to reach consensus. Given that this was an Alpha Test, completion with just a slight overrun in the schedule was rather impressive. 

  • Round_2 consisted of 4 groups. Discussion included both the agenda of the winner of Round_1 and commitments made during previous group discussion. 

  • Round_3 was this election’s final round. It brought the discussion into a single room of elected representatives.

As one might imagine, the latter rounds were heated, requiring greater concentration and attention to detail before the groups were ready to move forward. Maybe it was brilliance by design that yielded an efficient final round. The process even seemed to regain lost time in the latter rounds.

  • For the official results, visit EOS Community Forums.

  • For the full list of videos and details into the commits, visit this reddit link

  • Those looking to get involved can introduce themselves here.


Chris Barnes was selected out of 60+ participants in the EdenOS Alpha Test. He was awarded 1000 EOS to allocate for whatever he believes to be best for EOS. Below is the way Chis envisions spending the funds (taken from the Round_3 video):

  • 10% for eospowerup.io/

  • 90% would go to the founder of EOS PowerUp for the express purpose of rewarding past time and effort incurred as well as continued development and integration


  • Venezuelan users are among the most frequent users of eospowerup.io. 

  • Increasing functionality is hoped to occur via integration with Telegram and Discord.

  • The founder of eospowerup.io expects to forward 20% of funds received to Greymass because of the integral nature of the wallet provider’s functional solutions (including APIs) for the success of powering up EOS accounts.

About Commits

EdenOS presents a good faith opportunity to carry over commitments made during early rounds by each representative. If such commits do not follow through, representatives would invariably incur issues in future elections and/or gatherings.

Insight from a Participant of Group_1, Round_1

As previously mentioned, there were 16 groups during Round_1. Myself, Randall (our selected representative for Round_2), Brian (SOV contributor), and Erick (our group host) made up the first group of 16.

There’s no particular order or assignment of the groups. It’s also expected that much of future processes will be automated. Good thing, since the main coordinator (Dominic) was praised for a somewhat Herculean effort that he completed with grace.

Just a quick overview of the presentations of the three members who chose to throw their hats into the ring:

  • Marketing: create promotional signs for display in the real world (e.g. front lawns)

  • Marketplace: modeled after the success in Venezuela, a place to exchange real goods for EOS that maintains the independence of the currency (no need for fiat)

  • Continuity: briefings, polling, and resource coordination for the purposes of greater leverage and on-the-fly adjustments across developing projects 

From an emotional standpoint, first round group gatherings are a chance to get to know individuals passionate about EOS, their ideas, and project development.

Here again is another amazing construct, there’s a clear transference of the core values established early in EOS development to those who gravitate to the community. It’s mutually empowering for individuals and the ecosystem.

NOTE: NFTs expect to be integral for what EdenOS hopes to accomplish. You can find our group’s Alpha NFT here.

Group discussion went deeper than highlighted above. We briefly reminisced about the Genesis of EOS. Professional experiences were brought in from medical, psychological, and business perspectives.

Discussion invariably turned to how the worlds’ adoption of blockchain can solve today’s persistent issues. The critical nature of Venezuela was mentioned on more than one occasion within our group. In fact, Chirs Barnes keys in on the advantages already enjoyed by Venezuela, a nation in crisis. Promoting success made by those operating in a collapsed economy could prove a powerful use case for blockchain and EOS.

Here are a few other group reviews and experiences:

  • Mark Stair wrote a Medium article within hours of test end

  • Tweeted from the eospowerup account

  • Hahn, Founder of NodeONE and the Korea EOS Association, experience and insight

  • Round_1 Room_6 video

  • Yves La Rose from Room_16, provides insight into Rounds_2_3 with special comments about commits

  • Round_1 Room_1 experience posted to EOSCommunity.org

You're encouraged to visit EOSComminty.org and share your opinions at the forums.

Call for Participation’ to join the EdenOS Alpha Test should prove a resilient model moving forward. 

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