Ellie Gonsalves is Crypto Girl

A new superhero is entering the non-fungible token (NFT) space. And she's bringing her dog with her. On July 12, Ellie Gonsalves released 5 amazing Crypto Girl NFTs on Ethereum. Each one is a unique and artistic homage to the crypto community. This initial release is just the beginning. On November 12, another series of 5 NFTs is scheduled to drop, with a final series of 40 more Crypto Girl NFTs planned for release by March 12, 2022. Posters and other merchandise related to the project are available now in the Crypto Girl store.

Crypto Girl Series 1

The Series 1 NFTs look great. This series includes Bitcoin Girl, Ethereum Girl, Binance Girl, Doge Girl, and XRP Girl. Each one features Gonsalves outfitted like a Marvel superhero, creatively embodying exaggerated characterizations of our favorite tokens. The NFTs are being sold as 1 of 1 items with bonus material available for their buyers.

  • Bitcoin Girl appears gold and regal against a backdrop of epic clouds.

  • Ethereum Girl is hard at work connecting the crypto world amidst dancing flames.

  • Binance Girl holds a cigar and distributes crypto using a laptop while clearly working from home.

  • Doge Girl rides a tiny rocket ship to the moon with her dog.

  • XRP Girl comes from another planet and is surrounded by the shimmering energy of dark forces.

Each of these pieces appears designed to transport the viewer to an alternate reality. One where the mythic elements of blockchain technology are realized in a style familiar to comic book enthusiasts. It's almost as if they're posters for films that need not be produced because their stories are already being told by the everyday experiences of crypto enthusiasts.

Crypto Education

The educational component of Crypto Girl is worth mentioning. Ellie Gonsalves is a celebrity with a dynamic career that's included major brands and acting roles. She has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 150 thousand followers on Twitter. She's friends with Kardashians. So she's a serious influencer. And she's been using her influence to educate people about crypto.

Putting herself out there, unafraid to ask newbie questions, Gonsalves appeared in Bitboy's Bitcoin Beginner Series, making it easy for her fans to learn right along with her. The Crypto Girl character appears almost as an extension of that. Crypto Girl starts off celebrating well-known projects, but will likely move into lesser-known tokens, bringing the attention of her broad audience to these projects.

As crypto becomes increasingly mainstream, there will be more and more need for education in the space. Crypto Girl establishes a great brand for this. Maybe we'll even see Finney team up with Crypto Girl to teach people about crypto in a future project. How fun would that be?

A New Standard

Gonsalves isn't the first celebrity to release a line of NFTs. But she is the first to create this kind of dynamic fictional persona in the space. In a way, she's setting a new standard for influencers thinking about releasing their own NFTs. And it's a high bar.

As other celebrities and influencers begin to understand the potential of emerging digital collectibles markets, some will probably organize sales that are nothing more than thinly veiled cash grabs. But now Ellie Gonsalves has shown the world that NFTs are more than just another revenue source. They're a legitimate art form unlike anything we've seen before. One that gives artists an unprecedented degree of creative control and promises equitable royalties indefinitely. That's worth paying attention to.

Special thanks to Ellie’s partner Ross Scutts, who structured the collection while Ellie exercised creative control. Both Ellie and Ross put their best into bringing this work to the crypto community. The design company handling this project is Brau Creative Agency.

We recently interviewed Ellie on The Shift check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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