EOS NFTs and the Explosion of Digital Art

Maybe a bit late writing this article. (Promo for the EOS Nation piece.)


Let’s get going EOS community. NFTs are mainstream. Blockchain developers and investors realized NFTs were the real thing in a sort of unison. The mass awakening occured sometime following the ICO crash. 

Recall the way ICOs spread through mainstream news. Now consider organizations like MLB, NBA, and IBM, all with their own, very public, NFT projects. As you read through this article, you’ll find that NFT technology actually preceded ICOs. Maybe a certain level of interest and development needed to transpire before the global economy could integrate NFTs.

Spread the word to art enthusiasts and funnel them over to the most practical blockchain solution- the EOS mainnet. Sure, the community is still getting acclimated to the PowerUp (not yet a month old). Yes, ClarionOS and EdenOS could transform all digital environments. The PowerUp was designed to handle the stampede. Let it fly free.


Wikipedia attributes the first on-chain NFT to Anil Dash’s and Kevin McCoy’s Quantum (2014). Here’s a comparative source, along with the investment team's video presentation at the Rhizome Seven on Seven Conference 7 years ago.

As one listens to the presentation, tangible solutions seemed to be a major sticking point for early blockchain developers. Not that blockchain technology was in question, merely moving past abstract function.

Images provide a verifiable target. As NFTs, they are an object of programming and not just an aspect of blockchain. Thus, cryptocurrencies could be expanded beyond the ruts of virtually-focused concepts. The team of McCoy and Dash actually wondered why their method of employing a unique digital signature for art had not already been done.

History being made people.

- Rhizome announcer

Colored Coins: An Idea that Quietly Rocked Blockchain

Some argue that the origin of NFTs begin at Colored Coins. The Bitcoin wiki describes them as:

The term "Colored Coins" loosely describes a class of methods for representing and managing real world assets on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

NFTs certainly cater to blockchain management

* Note that Wikipedia reference does mention:

In 2014, Counterparty, a peer-to-peer financial platform, was founded and built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain and attracted various projects including trading card games and meme trading in the following years...

* Also note that:

  • exploring blockchain history leads one to conclude that NFTs are directly responsible for the term ICO (see the [Colored Coins reference] for the entry on April 2015 — Spells of Genesis on Counterparty section of the The History of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) [2019] by Andrew Steinwold .

From the beginning, NFTs appeared destined for success. Three years later, WAX_io joined twitter. Riding the slogan, The King of NFTs, the WAX blockchain has attracted mainstream projects like Atari, William Shatner, and most recently Major League Baseball. WAX does so coming out of the EOSIO ecosystem with a modest market cap ranking (approx.180 by CoinGecko) at the time of this writing.


How quickly might Voice jettison EOS into the NFT arms race. Launching in mid May, Voice 2.0 was announced by CEO Salah Michael Zalatimo a little over a week ago. The platform has a respectable audience for such a short time. Still, banking on long-form content for a revolutionary social media platform has obvious limitations. Voice is not just about blockchain. It’s about taking the online social dynamic to the next level. Streamlining the minting process for creator content does this.


Here's a list of current whitelisted projects within the EOS marketplace of Atomic Hub.

  • writer

  • gbk.gems

  • chllnge.gems

  • equalanimals

  • llovedoodles

  • thezombieart

  • .gems

  • clarionosllc

  • upliftart

  • eosenvelopes

  • dot.gems

  • tjttgbstudios

  • anyocash

  • shufan.free

  • eos.cards

  • sunriseoneos

  • nfthypealbum

  • shufanflower

  • eclipsephoto

  • eoinphoto123

  • boid4science

  • kevdamguer55

  • eosdetcomics

  • eyefoodartsy

  • byronsartset

  • cryohumanoids

  • christxsaint

  • contracieos

  • cc32dninenft

  • myphantomcat

  • ejthekartnft

This list was much shorter last week.

Are NFTs that moment that a rocket scientist accurately performed the final calculation required to get to the Moon?

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