EOS NFTs: How Tartiers Are Taking-Over!


EOStarter is the latest NFT project to hit the EOS marketplace. The Genesis NFTs took the top spot on Atomic Hub for EOS. This project has caught the eyes of investors and fired-up the EOS community. Their creative vision for NFT utility and gamification has propelled the Tartiers demand upon launch.


The Tartier NFTs dropped this week!

Here’s a quick list of the NFTs and their rarities:

  1. POP TART — Limited

  2. APPLE TART — Rare

  3. LEMON TART — Epic

  4. STRAWBERRY TART — Legendary

  5. CHOCOLATE TART — Mythic

There’s also 1000 Genesis Tarts allotted for community members. These Tarts were awarded to EOStarter pioneers for free. And, due to heavy inflow of new members, EOStarter will reactivate the Genesis Tart giveaway through their website. The giveaway will occur after the current drop. Join their Telegram to be first to know. If you haven’t claimed a free Genesis Tart, you’ll be granted the opportunity unless supply runs out! Genesis Tarts will power-up your EOStarter account.


The project is new, but it’s worth speculating a modest $100K market cap would value these Genesis Tarts at one-hundred dollars a piece. This speculation only includes promo Genesis Tarts. Amplified rarities, ranging between Pop Tart and Chocolate, would obviously see much higher values as adoption increases. Speculation is a dubious game, but it’s fun to imagine how NFT projects like EOStarter will perform long-term.

The demand is already massive. Only two Chocolate Tarts (the rarest Tartier) remain at their base price — 500 EOS! There’s only 10 Chocolate Tarts in total. This mythic NFT grants 100% increase in token allocation and staking APY. Nine Chocolate Tarts were auctioned, but the 10th will be gifted to one lucky community member! If you participated in the sale on EOStarter’s website, you’ll be entered in the the drawing.


The NFT world is booming!

EOS is the perfect hub for NFTs due to zero fees and instant transactions. EOS projects are ahead of the pack in terms of displaying actual use-cases. NFT utility and gamification will be no different. EOStarter could set the precedent for what’s possible with NFT utility. It wouldn’t be surprising to see future projects, built on other blockchains, inspired by EOStarter’s NFT utilizations.

These NFTs allow special access to projects launching on EOStarter. They’ll also provide access to liquidity pools. You’ll need to hold at least one Genesis Tart in order to participate in TART token sales and following pre-sales. Tartier NFTs act like exclusive memberships to fully participate within the EOStarter ecosystem.

Other perks include higher investment allocations and increased staking APY.

Those who collect all five Tartiers and Genesis Tarts will be dubbed Tartier Collector. This status enables collectors to achieve max power-up. Rewards include a whopping 200% increase in allocations and TART staking rewards. Those achieving Tartier Collector status will also be rewarded an EOStarter membership card. This NFT allows maximum benefits and grants the collector a say in vetting EOStarter applicants.

Tartier and Genesis NFT holders should expect surprises! One of the surprises is likely NFT or token airdrops. But the creative ways to reward NFT holders is only expanding. You can purchase Tartiers on eostarter.org. They’ll link you directly to the cheapest Tart listed on Atomic Hub.

The EOStarter community is growing rapidly. Keep them on your radar!

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