EOS WALLET GUIDE: Which Will Survive the PowerUp?

What long-term potential can a dapp have if users are not directly connected to a crypto wallet?

Onboarding users is a critical, early phase of mass adoption. Doing it right can make all the difference. The crypto movement is about encouraging people to take control of their digital assets. Every user should at least have an accessible and reliable means to move in and out of crypto markets.

These ideas are central to the quest of mapping active projects on EOS. Read MAPPING THE EOS COMMUNITY, Part 1: Dapp Trackers for more information.


I must admit a reliance on Scatter (desktop) and Token Pocket (mobile). It'd been a while since I explored the pond of wallet providers. This recent investigating of the nuances between them was enlightening.

Most surprising was Lynx. Seems as if the project is on pause. I actually used Lynx long before Token Pocket. The app no longer connects to my EOS address. It also wasn’t available for download at the site. Hope it gets back up.


While this analysis of wallet providers focuses on dapp users, wallet connectivity (to crypto exchanges) drives the larger mapping effort.

Transitioning to a PowerUp resource model may not be noticeable to most users. However, resource providers (especially wallet developers) are expected to feel the difference. Getting a sense for user-wallet interactions at this time could aid future development plans.

Wallets listed DON'T require a social media account (or email address) to trade crypto, get started playing, or participate. All are accessible with just a crypto wallet. Only dapps ranked in the top 20 were considered.

Dapps: The Tough Stuff First

Five popular dapps that fit the accessibility criteria were tested across wallets.

Listed first is category (from DappRadar [DR]) or type of dapp. Rankings are next; the first number was obtained from DR (based on users over 7 days midway through March 2021). The default State of the Dapps ranking (as a cross-check) follows:

NOTES: *SoD does not have an DeFi category and only lists 9 EOS projects under Finance [see image below].

Exchanges: Fundamental Infrastructure

Exchanging between tokens is the lifeblood of the EOS ecosystem. It's a developer-centric environment, where projects desire independence.

NOTE: Seamless connectivity here guides mapping active EOS projects. As such, this article can also be considered Part 1a serving as a connectivity bridge between the investigation of dapp trackers and the updated primary list currently being compiled.

For example, priority will be given to projects that perform well with direct connectivity over those that rely on centralized account access. Below are four exchanges that performed well:

Results Table

The results of the wallet tests are available in the table below as well as the descriptive bullet points that follow.



  • TokenPocket: One of the most popular and useful EOS wallets for mobile. Android is verified many times over. The desktop version didn’t connect to any of the dapp or exchanges on PC, but does display a wallet balance. macOS and iOS were not tested.

  • Wombat: Many users favor this wallet. The team behind it is also well-respected. Available on iOS, Android, and as a plugin on Chrome (for desktops). NOTE: Asked for a Google (or other) account to sign up. Nice Telos option.

  • Math Wallet: Available on Android and iOS. There's also Google extension (as well as other browsers) and hardware options.

  • Anchor: See Desktop section (iOS not tested).


  • Scatter: May be the most widely used wallet. Compatible with macOS, Windows and Linux. There's something called a "Scatter native" app on Google Play, but consistently shuts down (reviews concur)- also, seems of much lesser quality than the desktop.

  • Anchor: Developed by Greymass, a community leader and innovator. Available on mobile (iOS, with a dedicated Android app coming soon) and PC (for Windows, macOS and Linux).

Didn’t Connect or Error

  • Lynx: This was the biggest surprise. Easy-to-use mobile wallet in the past, but currently not functional. Also, the download was unavailable.

  • Meet.one: Google Play and APK. Initially a slow load of the wallet itself, then failed to import on Google Play. Only gave the APK a modest try- no success.

  • Start: Android listed, but did not load.

  • Leafwallet: Designed as a Chrome extension compatible with Scatter, LeafWallet seems incompletely developed.

Not Dapp Relevant at this Time

The following wallets should be viewed as resource ramps. Their objective is to secure assets.

  • EOS Authority: A premier management, finance, and resource tool by an innovation leader. Web-based. Not designed for plug-and-play dapp connectivity.

  • SimplEOS: Desktop app for macOS, Windows, Linux. Not designed for plug-and-play dapp connectivity.

  • Lumi: Exchange wallet for several blockchains, EOS among them. Not designed for plug-and-play dapp connectivity.

Feel free to add your experiences on iOS, macOS, Linux, or other.


Scatter has done a very good job keeping me connected for a couple of years. Though, it too has run into recent lag (e.g. signing Prospectors transactions). This started around the implementation of PowerUp and persists today. It's nice to have the Anchor option for Newdex, as well as ongoing development.

EOS is a practical blockchain. It's often associated with speed and high transaction volume. Lessor known are the superior tools flying under the radar. Explore wallets by EOS Authority and Greymass’ Anchor to get a sense for what's coming. SimplEOS (EOS Rio) also impressed.

Dapp users, especially those new to crypto, may not appreciate these tools, but they are fundamental to building a healthy and more elaborate ecosystem. Advancing traditional concepts of what’s possible in the virtual space will depend on them.

Key Takeaway. Wallet-dapp connectivity needs to improve for EOS to realize its potential. Especially now with NFTs going mainstream, users will want to understand crypto ownership over CeFi options. This means direct connectivity with a blockchain free from censorship (e.g. losing Twitter, FB access). Resource wallets offer ownership assurity. What about acquisitions and the type of functionality suitable for trends and hype?

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