EOSIO - The Birth of Multi-Chain Harmonics Universes

This is the first article of a series named “Eosio Ecosystem insights”.

Audience: startups, developers, project managers that want to integrate their platform with decentralized networks.

The information must be distributed across time and space with incentive storage that renders IPFSreliable. 

Data is the new dollar, the new value exchanged. This is the application that you are developing that defines the data granularity regarding the values expressed by your user base.

At a higher abstract level, a blockchain-based network modelizes a decentralized platform

Become your Decentralized Application Platform, by using EOSIO  smart contract platform.

Discover EOSIO, the Most Viable Blockchain-Based Ecosystem in the entire blockchain sphere.

Business Process Oriented Solutions

EOSIO (eos.io) - open-source software delivered by block.one- is at the center of all ecosystems we are building and modelizing to reflect any reality we envision.

By all I mean, not only blockchain-based ecosystems but also additional Systems and Protocols that will benefit from the EOS(IO) Ecosystem as an entry point.

EOSIO as Business Process Orchestrator

Nowadays, applications are not robust because of some phenomena (high latency, environmental change, owner change, database change) that render applications with unexpected result execution.

EOSIO addresses those struggles operating as an orchestrator of the business process. EOSIO guarantee by design the following features:

  • Deterministic and reliable execution (same final output for the same given input)

  • High throughput needed for enterprise high-grade dApps (block-time and  confirmation-time)

  • Flexible smart contract platform (code immutability and/or code mutability)

  • Code intent based on Ricardian Contract

Store the proofs of object state on the EOS Mainnet

At the level of an application/system, events are triggered each time an object is solicited. The object perceives an action and then manifests an event.

The event is the momentum where an object changes of state.

Store an object state as a hash on a blockchain is the perfect way to proceed. 

At the core of the EOSIO Ecosystem is running a public and permissionless blockchain called the EOS Mainnet (EOS) operated by 21 active block producers. This EOSIO based chain has a bigger market cap and user activity. EOS is the fastest, flexible, resilient Public and Permissionless Blockchain in the entire Blockchain Sphere.

EOS is a based EOSIO chain with a block-time of 500ms and a confirmation-time (Last Irreversible Block) of 3 minutes. With the EOSIO version 2the confirmation time is at the nearest of the block-time. 

You can have the highest block-time but if the block-confirmation or called also Last Irreversible Block (LIB) is not aligned in latency, your can’t develop mission-critical enterprise applications in domains such as IoT, Machine learning, decentralized finance, and regulated finance such as Programmable Finance where the transactions have to be instantly settled on a public blockchain, here EOS at layer1 just on top of EOSIO Protocol.

Replay the application state from the stored hashes

Because the hashes are related to the events occurring in your application, you can replay the entire state of your application. Thanks to EOSIO allowing deterministic and trustless storage.

You will never have the same level of robustness with a normal database where many actors could potentially access the data store and change the state.

Multi-Chain harmonics universes with EOSIO as an entry point

You can create your dApps on top of the EOS Mainnet (Layer1)  by using the EOSIO Smart Contract Platform.

Better, as a Solution Provider,  you have the possibility to deliver abstract and agnostic solutions that solve many use-cases for your customers. 

Therefore, you can’t exclude linking your applications with other blockchain protocols like Polkadot, Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other externalized systems such as a Cloud (Google Cloud Platform can interoperate with EOSIO) or gateways to give an easier onboarding experience into the EOSIO Ecosystem. 

In this sense, your solutions are able to support multi-chain harmonics universes by using EOSIO as an entry point.

Using directly the layer1 EOS Mainnet is like in some cases using directly the operating system. 

The operating system is made of components that can constantly change. 

To become an entry point  and let interoperate with multiple chains, EOSIO Protocol has on top a universal trustless layer 2,  middlewarenamed the DappNetwork developed by LiquidApps.io giving the following features :

  • Abstraction

  • Gateways to onboard into the EOSIO Ecosystem with just an Email and providing Universal account 

  • Shared-Memory between dApps

  • Interoperability with other blockchains protocols (IBC)

  • Bridges to set permanent/on-demand lightweight node to exchange data 

  • Your own node from your browser with IPFS

  • Decentralize the hardware infrastructure layer of your solution 

Stay tuned for more “eosio ecosystem insights”.

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