EOSweekly: EdenOS, BlockBase, Chintai, LiquidApps EdgeOS, MLB NFTs, Finney Birth

Project updates include EdenOS, EdgeOS, MLB-Topps, CryptoFinney, and Chintai. Recent interviews mentioned involve Dan Larimer (AMA), Sean Ballent, and Tal Muskal among others within the EOSIO Swiss Workshop.


Excitement Grows over EdenOS

The EdenOS twitter account commented on the project’s status:

Everything you want to know about EdenOS is here! The BIG revolution is coming to reality...

Dan Larimer said on telegram (he also held an AMA this week):

Lots of stuff going on. Team is making steady progress on Eden

Very relevant to this conversation are Brendan Blumer’s comments about China PBOC deputy recognizing BTC investment products for the first time and highlighting digital currency for future payment systems.

Block.one Wire: BlockBase, Hackathon

B1 brought attention to a January interview of BlockBase CEO, Ricardo Schiller. The topic, building a scalable data storage solution on EOSIO. Last week, B1 announced a stake-based voting and reward proposal. The conversation continued this week regarding the Prysm Group’s detailed analysis, as well as a call for developers and BPs to test, review, and provide feedback.  B1 also highlighted the creation of local test environments, meshed networking, and the BIOS Boot Sequence for full EOSIO functionality. EOSIO Hackathon winners will be announced next week.

Chintai Draws Comparison to Shopify

Chintai made Yahoo Finance headlines for its capacity to streamline the transition of regulated assets like real estate, stocks, bonds, and securities in general. The article compares Chintai’s revolutionary approach to that of Shopify (applied to regulated assets). In describing the Chintai Network, the team said:

“...a turnkey capital market solution for financial institutions to port existing assets to blockchain technology.”

The team is hiring a Marketing Director to help with strategy, brand development, communications, etc.

Cryptowriter Interviewed: Sean Ballent

Crypto Peter of the Moran team interviewed Sean Ballent to explain and promote Cryptowriter and the recent NFT launch. Moran is a blockchain consulting firm founded in 2018 by a team experienced in Wall Street, Chinese, and Silicon Valley markets. It’s strongly focused on EOS. In describing the attraction of investors to crypto, Sean first clarified that crypto is bigger than it’s valuation against fiat and then said:

Crypto tech has the power to lift societies and knockdown borders

He also provided insight into why NFTs are aggressively being pursued. In regards of why to bring Finney to life:

...Artwork is universally relatable.... NFTs provide the tool to market our vision to everyone....

Join Finney’s journey and engage with the Cryptowriter community to earn rewards- a most intriguing employment of NFT tech.


It’s finally here. MLB Series 1 came to WAX this week. This is another signal that crypto has gone mainstream. The MLB/Topps project follows the NBA’s Top Shot. In its first week, MLB NFTs soared to the top of Atomic Hub charts. MLB and Topps appear to be targeting advanced applications of the young technology. There’s a dedicated site with all sorts of features like creating, crafting, FAQs and a marketplace (links back to Atomic Hub). All that said, complaints do seem valid in the project needing better service.

Update on LiquidApps EdgeOS Prototype

In announcing its new EdgeOS Prototype, LiquidApps said it’s:

...a new way for dApps to pay for DSP services by using $DAPP as a form of #GAS for services rendered. 

DAPP governance will determine if the new model is adopted. BlockchainZack said:

"You can run anything, just like the blockchain can run contracts…” 

It brings a dynamic functionality for DSP with variable usage costs. LiquidApps provided an illustration where conventional applications running on a cloud provider like Amazon could run an on-chain command to leverage a DSP. Tal Muskal, LiquidApps, CTO, was interviewed about the prototype in recently released EOSIO Swiss Workshop #8. Chaney Moore, Cryptowriter CBO, Maurice Vanegas, EOS Microloan CEO, and Martin Breuer, Regional Director of Asia for EOS Nation, were also interviewed.

The Birth of CryptoFinney

The burning of Genesis Finney Coins went live on April 22, giving birth to CryptoFinney. Get to know Finney and why traveling to Earth is so important to Cryptowriter’s beloved android mascot. It’s a story filled with exploration, profound discovery (both of wealth and insight), adventure, villains, and comradery.

It was exciting to see a Cryptowriter Membership card sell for $900. NFTJoe gave his perspective:

...What they just bought is lifetime membership of NFTs from artists we partner with...

Finney’s journey has just begun and already he’s been around the world. LosPiZzaDAO9 shares:

...Disguising himself into a #RedDragon while visiting China...

He’s also already began networking. Slytoshi Hakamoto shares:

@ CryptoFinney and the @ BitcoinOrigins crew collaboration!!! Only 10 of these custom BTCO Finneys will be minted. ...

NFTs seem to be altering the status quo in business by seamlessly interconnecting disciplines. Consider Finney’s value creation loop.


EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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