EOSweekly: ENF, Pomelo, dfuse, Hypha, Upland, Voice, Bullish

ENF founders look for their shadows (in China). Less than 24 hours before Pomelo accepts its first grant proposal. Hypha and dfuse making waves again; this time looks like a big one on the horizon. Upland valued at a few hundred million. Voice and Bullish had something to say. Violet.Garden is making its presence felt. Finney has a new artist friend.


ENF Founders Hold First Virtual Event

Yves La Rose's first public appearance gently rippled across the globe. The invite-only virtual event targeted Chinese press outlets and opinion leaders. Both CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph covered the story. His message started with the recurring central theme of rebuilding. Unlike most organizational efforts toward this end, EOS has fundamentally strong resources. Community leadership remains a sticking point and will need to shine in the months ahead. Yves is as trusted a visionary as you’ll find in someone dedicated to the mainnet’s growth. The community believes in his true spirit of blockchain. And speaking of inspiration, Zack Gall also took time to participate. The voice and news head of EOS through early growing pains, Zack is another in who’s influence the mainnet finds rest.

Pomelo Crowdfunding Going Live

The day many of us have been waiting for is finally here. Pomelo expects to elevate community engagement and responsible crowdfunding beyond current conventions. The key to success is quadratic funding on the nimble EOS mainnet. Applications will start being accepted on the 7th and run through the 28 of this month. Donations open on the 11th. Read $500,000 for Public Goods on EOS for more information.  If you need help understanding the advantages of quadratic funding, Daniel Keyes posted a 60 second video by Gitcoin Media. Note that Pomelo’s game plan is often compared to Gitcoin where Vitalik Buterin’s contribution cannot be denied. Truly, innovation on a grand scale. Can’t wait to see how Pomelo elevates the field!

dfuse Running on the Testnet

Sometimes those rustlings in the wind emanate from the entity as dfuse:

Build your project reliably on EOSIO or Ethereum with dfuse — a massively scalable open-source platform for searching and processing blockchain data.

Ethereum in EOS circles…? There was a time when the roar of the crowd would make it hard to hear any such proposition. How times have changed. Today we can thank Mathew Darwin for sharing insight about dfuse as “up and running” on the Jungle Testnet. Mathew went on to say that:

... (nodeos) updates will be included in whatever new builds B1 creates. (if any).

On discord, Anthony | StreamingFast.io, commented on StreamingFast.io (where dfuse.io redirects) being:

...built in The Graph... looking at DEX or account on-chain, then you can fetch that data through ...APIs...

Upland’s Impressive Valuation

By no means a quiet rustle, Upland has time and again roared through the ecosystem. News and press releases tend to echo across EOS micro communities. This week was decisively louder. Venture Beat reported on Uplands $300 million valuation and deserved $18 million in deployable funds. So maybe you’re one of the community's newer members and wondering about the hype surrounding Upland. At its core, Upland is founded in real life real estate infrastructure. It drew prime-time attention in September with NFLPA Legits. The team even got B1’s attention this week.

Hypha Quietly Adding Scalable Value

Hypha’s blockchain venture centers around uplifting humanity. The next thing to know is probably how focused the community is on creating change through macroscopic, top-level solutions. Hypha is ambitious to say the least:

Hypha’s building tools and conducting practical experiments in Web3 that are helping us coordinate and scale our efforts to solve systemic challenges like climate breakdown, political instability, depression, and poverty….

 Impacts may take longer than other projects. A veteran team works behind the scenes. This is nowhere better demonstrated than on EOSIO:

...@HyphaDAO been building DAO's on eosio since the start!...

Why the attention this week? Chris Barnes tweeted that Pomelo will be sending funds over to HyphaDAO.

B1 Wire: Voice in NYC and F4 Filed

How quietly can a large, globally influential entity remain? This week both B1’s Bullish, and especially Voice, thundered a sonic boom. Voice echoed in NYC for locals to absorb insights about NFTs in the art world and beyond. In NFTs & intellectual property–what creators need to know Emily Drewry tackled tough questions like:

What should creators know about minting, from a legal perspective?

The article goes on:

But as the space evolves...projects aim to empower ...by giving collectors certain rights which previously weren’t granted ... we’re in an era of no one size fits all. Much remains to be explored

On the Bullish front, an investor relations press release announced the filing of a Registration Statement with the SEC. Brendan Blumer set the community alert to stun in anticipation for what’s to come in the days ahead. 

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

Violet.Garden heated up a tiny bit. Maybe it will soon become that EOS mainnet chat haven. Dan touched upon its importance not too long ago, while Chris Barnes posted Chief Delegate Meeting #3, and EOSweekly briefs started appearing on Violet.Garden as well. Did you find this past week quiet on the Eden front? Maybe Pomelo drew most of the attention as it revved its engine. There was also the ENF founders event (see above). Is there an EdenDAO in the works with the help of Hypha (again, see above)? EOS NFTs are creating a buzz. EOS Bees published an EOS Beginners Guide (hey, that’s on Violet.Garden too).

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

Even with all the chatter surrounding The Crunks, BTC Miner Finneys took the spotlight this week. A wonderfully expressive and timeless piece by @galeria_nft dropped to all WAX BTC Miner holders. There’s still a whole lot of commotion over in The Crunks neighborhood. Visit discord to join the discussion. For an overview on how the mint on RandomEarth went, read the article below by brian_. Don’t forget to check Round 21 engagement reward winners. EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

Other videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:


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