EOSweekly: EOS Green, Chintai, Greymass, Blankos, Blumer, B1, EdenOS, and Finney

EOS Authority, Upland, and ClimateCare got together to make the world a better place. Chintai tackled private capital markets. Greymass is at it again. Blankos scopes out E3 with Twitch. Blumer reveals a key strategy. And as always, information coordinated from the B1 Wire, around the EdenOS community, and the Finney Report.


EOS Authority, Upland and ClimateCare Offset Mainnet Carbon Footprint

A collaboration led by EOS Authority with Upland and ClimateCare has managed to offset the entire carbon footprint of the EOS mainnet for the year. EOS Authority praised the efficiency of EOSIO tech for the successful effort. You’ll find several interesting statistics at EOS Authority’s “Green” page. Annual CO2 emissions, electricity, and BP numbers as specified on the site on July 13:

  • 21 Block Producers

  • 19 Standby Producers

  • 281 tonnes of CO2

  • 630.72 Energy MWh

EOS is touted as “world's first major carbon neutral blockchain” there as well. “The EOS Blockchain has gone green!

Chintai’s Solution for Capital Markets

Chintai is among the most active EOSIO teams. This week’s focus is on private capital markets. It’s an efficient solution that provides leverage for small asset managers, SMEs and individuals. Chintai compares itself to the white label solution of Shopify. The team is building the “first regulated, decentralized venue” for capital markets. The hope is to deliver the “best of both worlds”. The team is actively hiring to build a more “fair and transparent financial system”. Chintai is also looking at NFTs.

Greymass Develops a Web Wallet

Greymass now has a web wallet. The team reached out to the community to help with improvements, though, it already seems rather impressive. Initial focus is on core functionality like viewing token balances, completing transfers and transaction transparency. Additional features of note include:

  • Multi sign-in options

  • Swaps 

  • Functionally on both mobile and PC

  • Dark mode

  • Account value and token prices

  • Advanced resource management tools

Greymass will also be “turning off the legacy version of Fuel on July 1st” . The new version will remain active

Blankos NFT Drop for Watching E3 Keynote on Twitch

On June 14th Blankos Block Party is teaming up with Twitch to drop a special NFT. Those wishing to claim this NFT sporting the letters “N F T” will need to watch 15 minutes of the team at E3. E3 is among the most watched events in the gaming industry. The crowd it draws is also impressive. As for Blankenstein Blanko, they are developed as ‘NFT’. Not all Blankos are. So you’ll own Blankenstein and may trade them if you wish. For more information and the specifics on how to claim, visit the Blankos blog. The PROMO comes days after completing series B funding. Adam Bain also chimed in on the wonder that is Blankos Block Party.

Blumer’s Vision and Strategy

Brendan Blumer does amazing things as CEO of Block.one. He balances events on a global scale within the relative B1 and EOS microcosms. Here’s his latest rumbling tweet:

For some time now, Blumer has been preparing the community to take a leadership role in crypto going mainstream. Developing compliant, programmable monetary solutions is seen as the best course given regulatory interest and current technology. The CoinDesk article Blumer was responding to is entitled “DeFi Derivatives May Be Illegal: CFTC Commissioner”.

B1 Wire

Remember Block.one’s big legal win in D.C.? Today it has settled its nagging class action lawsuit for just under $28 million. The settlement is pending approval but looks to go through. The statement from B1 reads as follows:

“Block.one believes this lawsuit was without merit and filled with numerous inaccuracies. However, accepting this settlement allows us to focus more time and energy on running our business and delivering new products.”

There are few within the community that believe B1 was deserving of the headache. Now, for the second time, the dedicated team of developers finds some justice. Other news around B1 includes:

  • The call for developers to get involved with Stack Exchange

  • Attention placed on Nodeos clustering to help systems administrators present a better UX

  • Ultra adds to the EOSIO developer arsenal through gaming, incentives streaming, and infrastructure

Around EdenOS Community(s)

The first Eden on EOS Fractal Democracy Roundtable took place this week. Attendees include Dan Larimer, Brandon Lovejoy, Chris Barnes, and Lennie. Fractal democracy is believed to be the solution we need for governance in the age of blockchain. The discussion tookoff ‘hot’ with the discussion of who is, will be and what can be done as Satoshi. Dan is the current interim Satoshi and will be voting in elections. Chris Barnes won the first alpha election. Other events around EdenOS include:

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

As impressive as the Malfunction Finney is, this week’s image must go to the pet collection. What has our alien friend got in store for us? And the world? The 3rd Behind the Pixel Membership Card drop (on the EOS) side was the Face Mask. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at Cryptowriter, especially at FinCity. Your encouraged to join the telegram community and find Finney in Uplift. Noteworthy articles for the EOS community and greater ecosystem include:

The Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes for this week include:

  • Roundtable - Blockchain & the Environment

  • Bulging Idiot - Behind the Pixel Drop

  • Cryptowriter Community Podcast, RoloDex

  • Bonz - Staking NFTs on WAX with R-Planet


EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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