The Eos network is not breathing for innovation. It's a great progression. The Eos team is a team that works really great. A real team.

Thanks for the nice article

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Jan 18, 2022Liked by Marco Gonzalez

Excited for DeFi ox WAX swaps!!

Thanks for the weekly update.

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Jan 17, 2022Liked by Marco Gonzalez

Great developments on EOS and great week, thank you for the article. 😁

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Jan 20, 2022Liked by Marco Gonzalez

Another big week of EOS news!

I'm particularly interested to see how the development of Gamebox progresses of the next few months and how it will intergrate with WAX and EOS.

I'm also paying close attention to the EVM team (EOS Argentina) and the direction they plan to take with implementing solidity contracts on EOS.


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Helios excited me so much. A week with great developments thank you for this article.

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Really enjoyed Jillian Godsil's first UNDRGRND article and hope there is more to come!

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