EOSweekly: Hackathon, Clarion/NFTs, Anchor, Boid-NFTs, Blankos, CryptoFinney

EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.


Hackathon News

The Beyond Blockchain Hackathon has quietly impacted an EOS community already undergoing a PowerUp transition. While innovative teams work away, NFTs have taken hold of EOS as much as any other blockchain. Block.one’s vision and Hackathon challenge are a bit clearer now. Basically, teams must present scalable contributions of significance that employ blockchain with the capacity for deployment on the Google Cloud Platform. The challenge and its specific requirements can be found on DevPost. B1 also reminds us of the previous winner, Lifebank.

Resources for EOS Hackathon Teams

With the Hackathon coming to an end in less than two weeks (April 6), Block.one listed several resources to help with final submissions. Developers have a wide range of options. There’s the fundamental material at the developers portal. For tough questions, there’s Stack Exchange and Telegram. Of course GitHub for the technical and action-oriented stuff. Webinars are also available to get a feel for key contributions. 

Dan Larimer Discusses Failure Resistance (dapps), NFT Potential, and Clarion

To be truly decentralized, a dapp must be completely free of the influence of centralized systems. This includes servers and web interfaces. @Dan details these pitfalls as well as what traits a dapp needs inThat’s Not a Dapp! He also made comments about DeFi this week:

#defi is about empowering individuals ... True #defi has no centralized parties that are able to enforce anything.

In terms of how he’s spending his development time, NFTs are being investigated as well as ongoing ClarionOS development. Check out the interview with @lovejoy.

Boid Offers Free PowerUps

Aviation is one of my passions. This focus guides me towards unique connections for crypto and the flying community. While the term Boid may have first been applied to the flocking behavior of birds, it’s come to mean much more. The team behind Boid has quietly flown under the radar to host a vibrant social network, dapp, NFTs, and now, a game. There are some significant details available for the NFTs and in-development BoidVoid Game. They promise to be EOS’ first NFTs with utilityeospowerup.io was also announced this week:

eospowerup.io is now live ...Free 2x daily PowerUps for EOS accounts. To help ease the transition to the new PowerUp resource model on $EOS.

Anchor for Android and Geymass Chatter

Anchor knows how to hit the sweet spot. Features are friendly to newcomers while detailed and flexible enough to satisfy advanced users. By adding Android, Anchor becomes the most versatile wallet available. Greymass encourages users to upgrade integrations for an even better experience, like in-app fee-based transactions. As always, there’s no shortage of tech talk. Aaron Cox took time to share his opinions about EOSIO Reference Authenticator, UAL, and associated tools.

New Glimpses into CryptoFinney

BitBoyCryptoStache, and Daniel Larimer all joined the CryptoFinney Universe this week! After using a random number generatorThe Stache got the nod to pose for this entry. Every week something new comes out of the CryptoFinney camp. Read about the possibilities and monitor the countdown at Writer.io. Join the discussion and take that first step toward membership by participating in the Telegram group.

Another Spectacular Blankos, Another Build Challenge

A new Blankos and competition are available. Finder of Lost Souls Build Challenge fuels further excitement within this creative environment. You’ll find both instructions and a backstory to help with theme ideas. Also this week, the team behind Blankos, Mythical Games, participated inWonderCon. Mythical continues to expand upon its vision. It’s looking to hire several key people to help:

...build something amazing...


Twitter avatar for @EveripediaEveripedia @Everipedia
Everipedia has already built multiple #DeFi applications including
oraqle.everipedia.org and PredIQt.com. Everipedia V2 is coming with new $IQ tokenomics, DeFi dapps, and much more liquidity once we go multi-chain. We'll meet you on Mars @elonmusk. 🚀

Elon Musk @elonmusk

Don’t defy DeFi
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