EOSweekly: Hackathon, Voice Tokens, Metaverse, PowerUp, Telos, dWeb

EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.


EOSIOHackathon Begins on March 2nd

It's EOSIOHackathon time. The event is scheduled for March 2nd through April 6th. The main objective is in helping blockchain developers build and innovate with the cloud. Google Cloud, Galaxy Interactive, and Mythical Games are partnering with Block.one to help make this the best hackathon yet. Participants can expect cash prizes and Google Cloud credits for their valued efforts. Google employees will also partake in the judging. Their perspectives and expertise expects to bring a lot to the table. Registration is open to both blockchain noobs and EOSIO veterans.

Voice Tokens Update

How far away are Voice tokens from going live? Salah Zalatimo suggests reading an article written by Voice VP of Architecture, Rick Whitner. He outlines three key issues that determine when Voice tokens will be tradeable:

  • regulatory approval (by location)

  • token-based incentives

  • token infrastructure

Voice is about creating an environment where real people engage in meaningful discussions. Guided by this principal, members can expect several changes in near future. Daily rewards are likely to be reduced. Creators will be rewarded with a greater share. Tokens will have new uses. Changes are expected for the 'Voice it' dynamic. Another token reset is scheduled for the near term.

Diminishing Purchasing Power of Fiat

Bitcoin’s price grabs headlines. However, a more powerful indicator is the total market cap of the industry. Record breaking total market cap is a very good thing. Ethereum is a big part of recent totals. However, it’s not the only cryptocurrency that's gaining fast. The growing purchasing power of cryptocurrencies greatly impacts development. Crypto success also cuts into the power of fiat currencies. Brendan Blumer touched upon the diminishing purchasing power of fiat. Daniel Larimer brought up how the financial system needs SmartContracts and instant settlement. Chintai believes the time is right to restructure capital markets and move forward with ProFi. Change is in the air.

EOSIO and Discussions about the Metaverse

The term Metaverse refers to a shared virtual experience. Interoperability is key. So is developing game technology that delivers a competitive user experience. Mythical Games growing role as leader for building on blockchain can accelerate the adoption of fair and distributed digital assets. Creating a Metaverse is a fantastic effort. CEO of Mythical Games, John Linden, took part in a Metaverse discussion along with Chris Swan (Unit 2 Games), Jacob Navok (Genvid Technologies), and Wanda Meloni (M2 Insights). Blankos, the promising built-on-EOSIO game, hopes to be instrumental in helping make the Metaverse a reality.

PoweringUP: Multisigs Proposal Live

Scott Owen tweeted on February 3rd that:

The #eos multisig proposals for the new #powerup model are live...

The Multisig transaction is viewable on bloks.io. There you’ll find ‘pending’ and ‘approved’ status for the top BPs. You can also see who’s an ‘active producer’. As EOS transitions to the PowerUp model, BPs may begin altering their behavior. Active producers should be rewarded above those lagging behind. Rekkid explained that a Mainnet eosio.reserv account is required before the new resource system can commence. Seems like the PowerUp model may be here sooner than anticipated.

More Greymass is Always Better

A lot of blockchain development caters to PC platforms. Greymass delivers dependable mobile account creation with Anchor and version 1.1.1 (available through the App Store). Anchor is expected to expand to other EOSIO-based networks soon. For its business model, Greymass is all in on blockchain with funding mechanisms built into the technology itself. In addition to new mobile applications and the Anchor wallet, the brainy BP's contributions include a fuel service, an informative podcast, and an EOSIO signing request protocol. Co-founder of Greymass, Aaron Cox, was featured on BP&Chill. He discussed the team's work beyond wallets and recent events. Check out how easy Greymass is making decentralized trading as illustrated by Rekkid.

Interoperability and Decentralizing the Web

EOS Rapid made some noise about the DecentralizedWeb. Interested users are encouraged to try their HTML on the testnet. If you're a crypto investor, then you know about Polkadot. At the moment, it’s one of the brightest stars in the industry. Polkadot is about interoperability. Among the latest to join it's network is Bancor. For dedicated EOS users, LiquidApps is the lead bridge builder across chains. Now with its inclusion of Ethereum and Polkadot, blockchain as a whole is more powerful than ever.

Telos Recent Success

Telos may be one of the most overlooked blockchains. As a sister chain of EOS, there's no surprise it gets less respect than it should. The Telos Foundation just announced the massive success of its T-BONDS. Telos is a high performance blockchain that makes good use of EOSIO transaction speeds. APPICS is another good example where user likes are monetized in an efficient way. Blockchain was not developed for nuances such as liking a post. Still, the psychology behind consumer favorites, likes, and hearts is a proven model. Telos and APPICS wisely pursue these human factors.

B1, EOS Success, and the First Useful Crypto

With the price of cryptocurrencies remaining at record highs, Philip Hamnet posed an on point topic for discussion. He wrote an article discussing Block.one's long-term strategy and the usage capacity of EOS. Mainstream crypto (BTC/ETH) seems to overlook transaction volume. One must wonder if these speculators believe in the long-term the value of blockchain if usage is not considered vital. Philip discusses how B1's future is tied to EOS. Interoperability is key for new innovation. The EOS mainnet provides a foundation, starting point and settlement for sister chains. Even now, as Voice continues development and B1 rolls out it's business solutions/training, the EOS mainnet is there in support.

Sustainability and Humanity’s Transition into Blockchain

Brendan Blumer tagged Elon Musk in hopes that influencers will rally around sustainable alternatives. He offered Bitcoin as a profound resource regulator of electrical consumption. There’s a great sense of security knowing a resource is tied to blockchain economics. Phillip Hamnet offered insight into related topics such as compliance and tamper-proof private chain transactions. The fact that developers can use popular programming languages to build on EOSIO allows for global contributions. Add to this Block.one’s connection to Bitcoin and the entrance of Google Cloud, and the stage is set for humanity to transition into blockchain.

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