EOSweekly: Hackathon Winners, Ultra, Defibox Competition, Cryptovoxels, Weezer on WAX, CryptoFinney Auctions, Metamask, B1 Wire

Art and more art. From virtual galleries to big-name bands, this week put the spotlight on the EOS ecosystem. Liquid Link and a Metamask Authenticator brought the ETH universe a bit closer. CryptoFinney held the first auction. Ultra and Everything EOS explored the future. Defibox is holding a writing competition. And oh yeah, the Hackathon winners.


Congratulations to the Winners of the EOSIO Beyond Blockchain Hackathon 

DAO Bulls took the top spot at the EOSIO Hackathon with an innovative financial solution:

...created a (DAO) platform that enables users to set up their own network in minutes....uniting people through a set of rules, Dao Bull leverages the benefits of blockchain and cloud-based systems... will create models that empower users to manage finances, shareholders and the community’s governance structure ...

DAOBull.com will hopefully have more details soon. This year's EOSIO Hackathon attracted over 1,300 participants from 107 countries. Congratulations is also in order for EOS Costa Rica’s gGoods at the no. 2 spot. The team called on the the community for input while sharing a bit of its vision:

gGoods, an #NFT standard to help non-profits create tokens for #crowdfunding. We plan to continue developing it, hoping to impact goodwill causes worldwide through the power of #EOSIO #blockchain technology…

Yes, this is the same team that took last year’s top spot. As for 3rd and 4th place:

  • Recoverable Online Wallets (ROW) incorporate WebAuthn standards to improve upon traditional PW and email security with multisig security systems.

  • Finfluencers may be instrumental in growing the community and onboarding as novices gain a trusted network to help make informed financial decisions.

Block.one Wire

Even without the EOSIO Hackathon, B1 was busy this week. Among things to take notice of include:

  • Calling attention to the EOSIO protocol guide for things like consensus, transactions, speed, flexibility, etc.

  • Asking for feedback, testing, and review from the community to help advance the Stake-Based Voting and Rewards Proposal.

  • Encouraged Solidity developers who wish to advance their understanding of applications and smart contracts to register for training courses.

  • Detailed OmniOne’s decentralized identity solution. The project is able to relay cryptographically-protected information with a focus on securing identification. OmniOne’s global business development lead, Alex David, highlighted the advantages of marrying convenience with speed and security.

Everything EOS Talks Ultra

Ultra Gaming is a place to play games and trade assets. It’s model is the future of gaming and the online economy. Everything EOS sat down with David Hansen (Co-founder and Co-CEO of Ultra), Rami James (Product Manager) and Yves La Rose. The group discussed how Ultra reinvents the dynamic of what made platforms like Steam so successful. Ultra is a more robust entertainment solution. Also, there’s the 12th (Ultra) Community Update.

Virtual Showcases are NOT the Future; YES They’re Here Right NOW

Cryptovoxels is a virtual (crypto) world where users bring their imaginations to life. Its profound potential is illustrated by dotGems creating an art gallery. The GBK Chestahedrons - NFT Artefacts Showroom can be toured by guests and viewed from different perspectives. If this wasn’t enough, dotGems and EOS Nation are promoting a Mega Raffle via a scavenger hunt. Visitors are tasked with finding 10 hidden gems by 7pm on Sunday. Entries are also available at the Dream Big Gallery. For those wanting more, there’s Uplift to explore. The word is that Finney was seen scouting out turf. Other DAPPs drawing users into their worlds that go beyond mere entertainment include rPlanets, Upland, and Alien Worlds. It’s about merging investment ventures with gaming and virtual platforms.

Defibox Writing Competition

From April 28 through May 16 entries will be accepted for the Defibox Foundation global essay contest: “Play DeFi, Build Block”. This is a chance for creative minds to share their ideas and make connections that grow the ecosystem. Defibox is looking to expand its influence and leadership in the DeFi space. It will take a serious look at the essays that meet the requirements (see essay link). Main prizes are as follows:

  • 1 first prize of 888 USN

  • 2 second prizes at 555 USN each

  • 3 third prizes at 333 USN each

  • 6 contribution prizes, 88 USN each

Additionally, 500 USN will be shared with the remainder of the essays that meet the requirements.

An NFT Spark Unlike Any Other

Things are really heating up within the EOS-WAX ecosystem. Big names drop week after week. MLB on WAX opened eyes wide. And now, a big name band in Weezer:

Took just 30 minutes to sell out.

Connecting the Dots: Liquid Link 

Bitcoin.com recognized Liquid Link with an article about building bridges across blockchains, specifically for Ethereum and EOS. Initially tweeted by EOSEden, the power that EOS’ speed and functionality can bring to blockchain as a whole is sorely needed. The Bitcoin.com article detailed things like the efforts being made towards interoperability, simultaneously launching on multiple blockchains, improved efficiency from the start, and leveraging each protocol for their specific advantages. There’s also the idea of the ‘freedom to switch’. While blockchain migration is certainly not new, the implications of easy transitions are profound. Liquid Link is developed by LiqudApps, an instrumental part of the teams venture toward an ‘Internet of Blockchains’.

EOS Argentina’s UAL Authenticator for Metamask

Imagine bringing all the users of Metamask over to EOS. EOS Argentina just announced a Metamask Authenticator for  its Universal Authenticator Library. It’s compatible with both mobile and desktop environments. Here’s a reprint of the library’s advantages for app users:

  • a way to login to integrating apps using the authenticator of choice

  • a uniform, familiar login option that instills confidence while interacting with integrating apps

And for developers:

  • a simple way to support multiple key managers, with a few lines of code

  • increases an application’s market reach, by supporting multiple authenticators

  • reduces time to create applications, by eliminating the need to individually support authenticators

  • access to all the necessary functions to sign transactions and customize user experience

CryptoFinney (and Writer) Report

This week, CryptoFinney saw its first auctions on WAX and EOS blockchains:

Auction items are limited to themed Finneys, as well as in number. Also check out the Metaverse Roundtable (The Cryptowriter Podcast #14), find deeper insight into B1’s ProFi project, dig into an analysis of B1’s Stacking Rewards proposal, get a DAPP update, and explore government for BAAS. Finally, here are two links to amazing promo videos: 


Twitter avatar for @WOFcryptoEOS HODL @WOFcrypto
Block.one, the blockchain software company behind #EOSIO is seeking a PM for their new transparent crypto exchange product....bullish aye ? @stauffelbaker @resident_UFO Workdayblockone.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com

EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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