EOSweekly: Pomelo, Brock Pierce / Helios, ZEOS, Bullish , UNDRGRND

Pomelo’s garden is showing sprouts. The Mighty Brock Pierce and Helios fuel up at B1. ZEOS affords privacy. Bullish gets licensed while Voice announces mainnet intentions. Information networking maturing on Eden. UNDRGRND!


Pomelo is Live!

Pomelo went live on November 11, 2021. This is possibly the start of something special for blockchain as a whole. Through quadratic crowdfunding, Pomelo empowers the projects most preferred by the community. Large investors relinquish some decision power. They find comfort knowing that the community is squarely distributed funds. On-chain quadratic funding is likely to catch on considering how it advances the kick-starter model. The EOS Network Foundation didn’t only recognize Pomelo with $500k in matching funds. Co-founder Zack Gall called Pomelo a:

...core pillar of the ENF...

ENF Grants for Social and Gaming… more to come!

When it comes to a single point of splash, there’s no doubt that the most felt ripples still emanate out of the EOS Network Foundation. That said, it’s hard to distinguish were the ENF ends and Pomelo begins. In addtion to describing Pomelo as a “core pillar”, Zack Gall said:

...Pomelo will be a very powerful tool ...anyone ...is able to request funding for any kind of public goods including marketing, open source code, community building, education, hosting events, hackathons, …

Visit Discord to join the ENF conversation and Telegram for announcements. Here’s the ENF’s latest Medium post.

Enter the Mighty Brock Pierce with Helios Under Wing

If you don’t know just how mighty Brock Pierce is, I encourage you to visit his International Movie Database entry (as an actor]. You’ll also need to read about him as an early crypto adopter and his blockchain advocacy. A true pioneer… even to the point of Presidential. This week, Brock and Helios were at the center of 45 million EOS tokens promised by B1. Alfredo de Candia tracked down an initial transaction of 8 million. But, there’s more to the Brock story this week. Check out a few quotes… about Helios:

Led by Brock Pierce, Helios takes aim at serving the $EOS community through several high ambitions, including creating an EOS Venture Capital fund, facilitating the creation of institutional-grade EOS financial products...

…about CBDCs:

From cryptocurrencies to central bank digital currencies, here’s what will ‘lead to the demise of cash,’ economist says... cryptocurrencies will help make payment systems more efficient.

…about millennials:

More than a third of millennials and half of Generation Z [surveyed] would be happy to receive 50% of their salary in #Bitcoin and/or other #cryptocurrencies,...

Brock also wanted the world to know that Helios is hiring. EOSto$1000 captured more of Brock’s chatter stirs on Telegram.

ZEOS: Untraceable (and Efficient) Transactions 

Privacy! Bitcoin and Ethereum succeed without this as their primary focus. As one digs into crypto, there’s a gravitation toward privacy. pEOS was well accepted by the EOS community. Unfortunately, running the required protocol wasn’t a realistic option at the time. Even as pEOS drifted out of the spotlight, inspired discourse remained. This time around, ZEOS can see a viable privacy solution. By leveraging DAPP Network technology for VCPU and VRAM, the team believes it has a solution- and a multichain one at that. If you read up on the ZEOS project, you’ll find a deep roadmap. An excellent addition in support of a mainnet coming into its own.

B1 Wire: Bullish License and Voice Mints

B1 still gets a lot of heat. From within the community, there’s (~justified) dissent considering the company’s early promises. Outside the community, many still see B1 as the mainnet’s overriding influence. Even so, the recent licensing announcement was received rather quietly:

#Bullish obtains regulatory license from Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

You can read the press release here. Blumer mentions “compliance” and “wider adoption of digital assets”. Also within the release:

... anticipated to close in the fourth quarter of 2021 or the first quarter of 2022.

B1 seeks to forge deeper connections with the core community. It’s also demonstrating to regulators that it hasn’t the influence that some believe. In a press release from HQ:

Our role has been to inspire ...promoting compliance and ...ensure EOS and other EOSIO-based assets remain accurately classified as decentralized commodities.

On the Voice front, NFTs are starting to take off. Just check out this UNIIQU3 Party Pass Trading Card that bestows the owner with exclusive IRL privileges. Voice is also planning for mainnet NFTs

...integrate with EOS mainnet in the coming months...

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

The ENF, Pomelo, and the Eden community all work together to make EOS what blockchain is meant to be- an empowered global digital network. Sources to keep your eyes on week in and week out include:

Each of the above information sources are prepared by battle tested EOS members. You’ll gain insight and be ready to step into mainnet conversations. There are other dedicated sources and more on the horizon (e.g. EOS Daily and ByWire). Now, if you’ve read EOSweekly before, then you’re accustomed to fly-by updates. This one approaches mach speed:)

  • EOS Support will rate dapps

  • in-development multilingual support tools

  • in-development background onboarding tools

  • election videos transferring to YT

  • Violet.Garden may emerge as an official social medium

Personally, I like the idea of an EOS CHATBOT, but it’s not that popular… yet. Other stuff happened this week, but maybe you live under a rock and didn’t notice the community being invaded by fruit.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report: U N D R G R N D

Development is always ongoing within and around Cryptowriter. The much-anticipated UNDRGRND platform is here. Membership cards should be arriving soon. In addition to the site, there's a virtual studio hidden within Shift City (on Uplift). Get ready for an even more amazing experience. EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

Videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:


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