Ethereum Layer 2 Is Becoming Liquid

Ethereum has a robust decentralized security model and that’s why it has remained the preferred blockchain for the DAPP developers but the base layer scalability is a big issue for Ethereum. Ethereum 2.0 is going to solve many problems but the roadmap seems to be very long. While Ethereum has become the most popular value settlement layer with the exponential growth of transactions, the arbitrary gas fee of Ethereum often makes the network unusable for retail investors. The user experience isn’t really good for many Ethereum DAPP users. A blockchain application can’t be unnecessarily expensive and some use cases like blockchain games make no sense with the current speed of transactions or transaction fees. A blockchain must be scalable enough to match the throughput of Paypal or Visa for mass adoption and nobody will like to pay a $50 fee for doing a transaction of $100. Is such scalability achievable in the base layer of Ethereum? No, it’s a distant dream.

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