Finney Global Competition!

Finney is going global!! To celebrate our upcoming Finney Vol. 1 Pack Sale on WAX in partnership with FACINGS, we’ve come up with a competition to take Finney to the masses.

We need YOU! Our amazing community to pamp Finney around the world, and we have a bunch of NFTs ready to reward our Global Finney Army.

Huge Prize Pool

1st Place - Hippie Themed Finney /9 + Cryptowriter “Gold Checkerboard” Volume 1 Cover NFT /10 + Alvin Kelly Finney + ChainCreatures Finney + Killer Finney + War Finney!  

2nd - Cryptowriter “Gold Checkerboard” Volume 1 Cover NFT /10 + Alvin Kelly Finney

3rd - Cryptowriter “Pulsar” Volume 1 Cover NFT /50 + Alvin Kelly Finney

4th - 10th - Killer Finney + War Finney!  

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Download the high-resolution poster image from the following link: DOWNLOAD.

  2. Go to your local printers and print out the poster in A3 size or larger. (if exposed to weather you might want to consider laminating the poster) 

  3. Hang the poster somewhere in your local town. 

  4. Take a photo of your poster in all its glory. 

  5. Tweet the photo out with the hashtag #finneyglobal, tag 3 friends including @CryptoFinney in the tweet, PLUS retweet THIS TWEET.

Entries will be judged on creativity and visibility. We want to get as many eyeballs as possible on these posters while also showing off where in the world you are pamping Finney. Landmarks in the background and photos which clearly show which country you are in will do well. 

The competition will run for 10 days till the 22nd of August. We’ll contact the winners over Twitter DMs so make sure you are following @CryptoFinney and your DMs are open. 

We can not wait to see what you guys come up with! Be sure to share all entries and discuss the competition in our Telegram Group, leave any questions in the comments section below or email

Below is a low-resolution version not for print but to share around socials, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, etc. Global Finney Fam unite!!!

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