Finney X ChainCreatures

We’ve teamed up with ChainCreatures to bring you a limited edition collectors drop, featuring Finney in the Chain Creatures collectible style. The drop is capped at 70 mints and goes live on the 26th at 6PM EST, don’t miss out!

Who’s behind the collection?

Nick (just Nick. He’s a pretty private person) has been interested in art for a long time. A frequent museum visitor, he created art as a hobby but never thought it could lead to a career. He attended college to study computer science but didn’t graduate because he felt that formal academia wasn’t a good fit for him. Nick became interested in cryptocurrencies around 2015 and has been following crypto news on and off since then. While he was looking into some altcoins, he came across NFTs. Something clicked. Nick found something that could blend together his passion for both art and tech, which led him to start preparing his first token collection.

Why the scary creatures?

Nick remembers growing up watching Scooby Doo and has always loved horror movies. He remembers thinking as a kid that there weren’t enough horror-themed action figures in the toy market and started dreaming of someday being able to create his own action figure sets. After discovering NFTs, and being inspired by the Eth-Men collection, he realized he finally had a chance to make his dream come true.

The Collection

Nick and the rest of his team enjoy exploring legends and lore from all over the world and you can tell by the first creatures featured in the debut “Action Figure” series. Among others, this series features the Wendigo from Native American folklore, the Chupacabras from Latin American lore, and the Gill-Man, inspired by the 1954 US science fiction/horror film Creature from the Black Lagoon. All cards in this series look great and appropriately terrifying, with modern takes on these creatures, displayed in a manner reminiscent of action figure packages, complete with age-appropriateness disclaimers. Besides the Action Figure series, ChainCreatures also includes the recently added photo series, which is meant to give people a chance to feel the experience of exploring a dark, creepy forest and discover creatures in the photos. When you open a pack of photos and stumble upon a creature pic, you really feel like you just discovered the creature among some random forest pictures you took while on a trip. The team is also currently working on a series inspired by traditional trading cards and future packs will also include blending to boost interactivity.

Nick and his team also like to listen to their collectors to find out what they want to see and are always willing to explore new options and ideas. So, if you start collecting and have some ideas, be sure to let them know! 

All in all, the cards look great and are definitely worth your time to check out, especially if you’re a horror fan.

There were 40 Series 1 Wendigo cards released: 20 on Ethereum and 20 on WAX, but all future series will be released on WAX only.

You can check out ChainCreatures on WAX by clicking here.

Finney X ChainCreatures Drop

If you’re interested in grabbing one of these limited edition pieces click here to be whitelisted for this drop you need to have 3 NFT’s from the Chaincreatrs schema, these include the original action figures from the chaincreatrs line. 

The whitelisted drop gets a 30-second head start from the public drop.

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