#Finney4Everyone Contest Winners

Hey FinneyFam, it’s time to present the #Finney4Everyone contest winners. Thanks for the incredible participation. CryptoFinney would not be here without this growing community’s enthusiasm and support. Without further ado, here are the winning participants who will receive 2 Gold Finney Coins apiece.


My favorite @CryptoFinney has accessories of my two favorite cryptos that are #EOS and #Bitcoin. Love his purple shirt color and shorts. I really love his style.


This @CryptoFinney is my favorite cause it’s got no crazy accessories and is dressed in all black.


Fell in love with this Finney because of his unique style. Dudes absolutely swagged out with the ripped T-Shirt, Basketball Shoes, Ethereum Hat… Oh and he’s a crackhead with an android drone to protect him.


I like it because my dad gave it to me.

Honorable Mention (1 Finney Coin Each)


This is my favourite CryptoFinney, as it has man’s best friend and man’s best crypto all in one.


My favorite Crypto Finney pure Gold with only his board shorts, he’s ready for the SURF here in HAWAII.

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