Probably 10 years later when we look back, we will tell 'look at the price of Bitcoin, wish we could have accumulated some'. It is about buying or not buying, if you cannot decide that also leads to not buying. If you consider this as taking risks, then you have to take risk for your own benefit. It is exactly about growth of your mind, if you want to stay in your safe zone then you will never go far away in life. That's not just about Bitcoin, for sure in the future there will be other innovations or opportunities. That's totally about your mind set!

There will always be barriers in your path, will you jump over them or go backwards?

Thanks for the Bitcoin article, before someone was mentioning your articles give strenght in terms of mentality. Indeed they do!

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I'm going to jump over obstacles buddy :D

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Jul 16, 2021Liked by Sylvain Saurel

1-Digital Gold

There are reasons why they call Bitcoin, the Digital Gold, 'Digital Gold'. Bitcoin has remarkable qualities, or rather, features that make it more valuable than gold, the secure online transaction of Bitcoin can easily reach from one end of the world to the other.

BTC is not controlled by the government or any central bank and hence, Bitcoin holders can easily verify its amount. Also, due to its limited supply, BTC tends to have increasing value. Unlike gold, Bitcoin does not lose value and is therefore an exceptional store of value.

2 – Cannot be censored!

Since this is a digital thing and does not have an asset, Bitcoin transactions cannot be intercepted by any asset and therefore cannot be censored. This decentralization means that governments and large banks cannot censor your digital currency. Doesn't that seem like a compelling reason to invest in Bitcoin in 2020?

3 – Bitcoin Cannot Be Seized!

Fiat currencies are likely to be frozen by central banks; Also, your country's government can seize your assets even without warning. Do not fret! Bitcoin is a digital asset that is not controlled by the government or any bank. Thus, you can keep your Bitcoin safe in your wallet with private keys. Enjoy control over the digital asset without any interference from the government.

4 – Low Fees

Undoubtedly, international payments are not only expensive but also time consuming. While Bitcoin does have transaction fees, to be fair, its transaction incurs relatively low fees. In 2019, Bitcoin's transaction fee was $3.4.

So, if you don't want to wait long and pay outrageous fees for the transaction, Bitcoin is a digital currency worth investing in.


Bitcoin's decentralized blockchain is transparent and offers financial freedom to its holders. Despite being a transparent payment network all over the world, Bitcoin offers its users sufficient privacy when used correctly. To be precise, all transactions of Bitcoin are public and can be viewed by anyone.

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People with a fixed mindset are always reactionary and self-limiting in the developing world.

On the contrary, open-minded people are people who shape the future and take important steps.

If you are under the influence of a fixed-minded person, he will pull you into his sphere of influence and force you to act on his fixed opinions.

Before making a judgment on any subject, it is necessary to examine its good aspects and gains.

It is not too late for anything, adopting the ideas of fixed-minded people will put you in this pessimistic structure.

If you think you don't have a fixed mindset, break your taboos and don't back down from the luck that comes your way.

Because in the future you will say that you wish you did. but it will be too late for everything.

It is in our hands to live a better life and gain experiences, but those who do not want us to hold these opportunities are making propaganda or psychological attacks.

Now is the time to take steps to improve our own lives.

Even our desire to improve our own standard of living is blunted by the current system, so we approach Bitcoin with fear, but forget that our greatest fear is to live a low standard of living for the rest of our lives.

Thanks for the article.

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I want to share with you the news, which is an important development for Bitcoin:

A new Bitcoin mining facility is rising in the US state of Ohio that will run on 1,000 MW of nuclear power. However, the use of nuclear energy in cryptocurrency mining has both advantages and disadvantages.

US Trying To Attract Chinese Bitcoin Miners To The Country

With Bitcoin finding its place more and more in the mainstream, Bitcoin mining began to be scrutinized more closely.

The view that BTC is very harmful for the climate was formed because Chinese mining companies use dirty and cheap energy that comes mostly from coal-fired power plants.

Now, with China starting to ban all cryptocurrency mining facilities that run on dirty or clean energy, miners in western countries have started to take advantage of the situation. Many of the miners who want to use the opportunity are based in the USA.

In the past weeks, many US states have launched advertising campaigns to attract Bitcoin miners expelled from China. Many states, from Texas to Wyoming and Florida, are competing with each other to get a big share of the BTC mining pie.

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I see a lot of people who think like that in my daily life. bitcoin will fall, these are china's game, the money must be in your hands, what's with the virtual money? etc. They say a lot, but I ignore it because in the stock market, someone must lose so that someone can win.

The internet example in the article is very true. People should not see crypto as just a means of making money. Crypto means technology. Just as internet technology has been developing for years, crypto will develop in the same way.

Life is an ocean, you are either a shark or a goldfish. criticize btc as in this article, definitely goldfish

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The technology of the future, as you said. Currently under development and not fully completed. When the time comes it will be unstoppable

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People always think you're missing an opportunity. It's not too late for anything. Opportunities don't run out.

Btc or any shares. The train won't run. What matters is your goal. Especially if it's about bitcoin, it never escapes. Because as you write, bitcoin is growing. It's invested in something that's growing. You don't invest in something that has already stopped growing. You get it when it's low. It does not benefit from being taken after rising. It is necessary to evaluate opportunities well.

Good reading, everyone. Nice writing. Good motivation.

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Interesting Read Sylvain

Thanks for the Article :)

Bitcoin ❤️

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Nice one.

We're still early.

Next gen coming!

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Some people are just not ready for bitcoin. All we can do is try to educate them. In the near future those who didn't want to understand will change their minds.

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People live in the past. They're living in the past. They're not open to innovation. We can't convince most of them. Bitcoin will. They live by wishing. Why don't they buy bitcoin and then say, "I'm glad I got it." .

It's important to keep up with the change. Once Upon a time, they said Nokia would definitely not sink. Nokia couldn't keep up with the change . And now it's almost gone.

The new future is bitcoin. We must keep up with this revolution. Otherwise, the inevitable end like Nokia.

Your articles tell a person about Bitcoin very well.

Thanks to you, I made my friend of mine Bitcoiners.

Thanks again.

Have a nice day.

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I will dwell on some topics.

“What happens if I buy Bitcoin and its price drops?”

Of course, if you trust an investment vehicle, its short-term price drops should not scare you. If you truly trust him, then there is no better investor than you. The important thing is to believe. Of course, we should not make investments that are nonsense, we should research and read. Next is patience. If it drops after you buy it, here is your chance to buy it cheaper. Remember, an investment instrument is sold when its price rises, and bought when it falls. Some people do the opposite.

“Many politicians and economists say that Bitcoin is dangerous and of no use. Is this true?"

Now, first of all, the answer to the question is hidden in the title. Let's talk about politicians as states. What does the state want? That its central authority is strong and that its people are extremely dependent on it. But what about Blockchain technology or Bitcoin? Decentralized monetary system. Of course, it is normal for politicians or states to defame this technology. So who will win this war? Throughout my life, I have never seen the people lose in the war between the State and the people, neither in history nor today.

One of the best articles I've ever read Sylvain Thank you.

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Don't be sad that you missed the train, the wagons of the bitcoin are too long, you can jump whenever you want. Don't forget that awesome things await you on that train.

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These are pure excuses, once they trust bitcoin and buy it, they'll actually realize that these beliefs are nonsense.

It's never too late to join the party, as bitcoin rises, people who want to attend but can't because they're worried get more worried, but as Sylvain said, bitcoin is just over 12 years old.

Everyone thinks that bitcoin is technically complex at first, yes. But once you get into it and start learning, you'll realize that it's actually not that complicated.

I have only one word for those who are afraid that they may fall when they buy Bitcoin, every fall also has a rise, this is definitely not something to be afraid of. It will be enough to act strategically and invest in the right things.

And there will always be people trying to defame bitcoin, but don't let that scare you. You should do your research and not believe a single person. Don't believe people who say Bitcoin is useless without being sure of yourself.

Again, with a little research, you can figure out how to get bitcoin.

I trust bitcoin.

Thanks for the article.

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The reason most people accept our current monetary system without question is because it is the only system they have ever seen in their lives.

Since people living today only live with this system, almost everyone has accepted that the price increase of everything from food prices to education is a natural phenomenon. We accept that these increases are the natural consequence of inflation (which is theoretically true), but the primary cause of inflation is manipulations by the central authority. Unfortunately, after people get used to something for too long, they have a hard time believing that a new path will be better for their life.

So why should you trust bitcoin?


It cannot be controlled by any authority, so money cannot be manipulated or printed as the authority wishes, and no one can tell anyone what it can and cannot be used for.

As a currency, it cannot be restricted by any borders such as country or region, so you can easily exchange it with people anywhere.

It is apolitical in order not to privilege a particular political system or group of people.

Bitcoin is the world's first decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin's value comes primarily from being the first digital currency that no entity or authority can control. Anyone can buy and use Bitcoin, and no one can tell anyone what they can and cannot do with Bitcoin.

It is a currency free of political control, repression, and hyperinflation, and a safe space for anyone living under these conditions.

Bitcoin has a limited supply of about 21 million that will never change, and we know how many Bitcoins will be produced and when.

It is often more difficult to understand why a decentralized currency is valuable to people living in developed countries because their money is, or appears to be, more resistant to inflation. For people in the developed countries of the world to understand why Bitcoin is valuable, they must understand why the fiat money system is unreliable.

The central bank system is fraught with problems.

Any money controlled by a central bank isn't really solid when you think about the big picture. Generally speaking, governments have promised that the value of money will always equal one value when operating within a monetary system that allows them to fully control their country's money supply. The problem is that since fiat money was removed from the gold standard, the value of fiat money has been decreasing.

The reason for this is simple: Governments tend to spend much more than they state in their budgets; that is, they print money with their own power for their own needs. As more money is printed and incorporated into the economy, it lowers the value of all money currently in circulation.

Bitcoin's ingenious properties have a positive impact on people's lives in the most unstable economies where the government heavily manipulates their money.

Some countries have experienced periods when their governments have printed large amounts of money in their own currency. Citizens could not spend fast enough before their national currencies depreciated or their savings depreciated.

This cycle has been experienced many times in many countries and resulted in the collapse of the monetary system. Affected citizens had to find an alternative medium of exchange.

Bitcoin is a transparent savior, it doesn't hide anything from you and puts all the power in your hands.

I think the reasons that prevent people from buying Bitcoin are doubt, habit and prejudice against new ideas.

thanks for the article.

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Bitcoin is an Asset, digital assets will lead the charge into the mainstream.

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Politicians are doing everything in their power to put the breaks on Bitcoin as much as possible. Education definitely needs to change curriculums and their approach to a fast-paced society.

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