Thank you for your ideas, i needed an article like this you arrived on time .

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If you "needed and article like this", the you are one of the people most affected by what Jackson Palmer, creator of DogeCoin, referred to.

"The cryptocurrency industry leverages a network of shady business connections, bought influencers and pay-for-play media outlets to perpetuate a cult-like “get rich quick” funnel designed to extract new money from the financially desperate and naive."

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The information you mention in your article is really important and basic information.

Now the time we've been waiting for has come, the market has entered a bullish curve. And the signals are very strong.

I hope we see good days for everyone.

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It's not just bitcoin. Now there is an assurance to the blockchain.

Those who persistently oppose this are constantly mistaken. And they will be mistaken. But they persist.

They don't even have 1 satoshi. They get angry when they get up. And in the fall he is happy. They're really bipolar.

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If bitcoin rises to $100,000 by the end of the year, it will be an excellent advertisement and new investors will enter the market.

These newcomers often seek to make money without doing research and buy altcoins.

I mean briefly, after making bitcoin ath, money will flow to altcoins

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Usually, “the herd” is wrong.

Well said, coming from the herd.


It is an "asset" with no inherent value and is therefore valued entirely by sentiment. Which, for those who actually do know something about markets and their valuations and economics, means "herd".

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The crypto market is very lively. There is a constant circulation. The more I see this circulation, the more I think about it. The money came out of someone's pocket, went into someone else's pocket. It seems that it is impossible to get it without paying at all. Profit and loss are brothers and sisters.

It is also impossible to buy it from the bottom and sell it from the top. i have been making uninterrupted transactions since 2020. And so far I have only been able to buy it from the bottom 3 times and sell it from the top 1 time. That's why we shouldn't force ourselves. I wouldn't be upset about something I sold. And after I sold it, it made 300%.

I don't have a plan right now. I really believe in crypto and I make purchases all the time. Sometimes I sell it, but my goal in selling it is to buy something else. Only 5% of my portfolio is dollars. I take it when I'm falling and I take it when I'm rising.

Thanks for the nice article.

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The belief system that crypto initially relied upon was HODLing.... buying and not selling. The expectation was that it would move from where it was first recognized for its use (Silkroad) in the black markets to the wider economy. Once value increased on demand for this, it then relied on the belief that people could be persuaded it was like gold and the value was supposed to be anti-inflationary. Hence the single-sided uninformed argument that inflation was some absolute evil in economics. Which, of course, is nonsense at best.

This built out the constituencies to those folks who were not pseudo-anarchists but "Austrian Economics" believers and those who bought into the pseudo-economics of Vitalik

Buterin's use of the theory of monetary velocity for "Token Economics".

And this has been propelled by what Jackson Palmer, creator of Dogecoin to call out what has and still is largely the source of its success:

"The cryptocurrency industry leverages a network of shady business connections, bought influencers and pay-for-play media outlets to perpetuate a cult-like “get rich quick” funnel designed to extract new money from the financially desperate and naive."

And, as most folks don't understand, the idea of a never-ending appreciating value (unrelated to actual human activity) will create an inverse pyramid of early or earlier adopters becoming fabulously rich and richer and leaving more and more behind.


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Do you think inflation is a good thing?

The crypto market is very dangerous when it is not invested wisely. There are many sharks waiting to eat you. But this is present in every investment vehicle. The one with the money rules. Which I think is where crypto is the least. Other investment tools are much more whale-friendly.

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Re: inflation: As I like to point out to those unfamiliar with economics/finance and most of all history:

Since 1920, the USD has had over 1,000% inflation. Over that same time period, Americans enjoyed the greatest increase in standards of living up in the history of the world. Other countries (almost all western liberal democratic systems) enjoyed similar experiences post-1945.

Inflation is just another feature of all economic activity. The minute there is a shortage of an important good or service, the price goes up. That is one of the most fundamental laws of economics. However, the effect of it varies widely. If the wages go up as much or more to offset the effect of increased costs and that the cycle of wealth and productivity accompany it, any negative effect is offset or entirely reversed.

This is a picture of how a well-run western liberal democratic model works. And has been a raving success.

Of course, economics and its supporting analytical framework, econometrics, is non-trivial and very few people understand even its simplest parts. And the fact that it is not strictly a science, leaves parts of it open to interpretation or political agendas. But the empirical data and the success of its application (in whole or in part) almost everywhere attests to its validity.

The notion that inflation is an absolute standalone negative is just nonsense, though. And those who squawk about it in almost all cases (including the original perpetrators of this, the "Austrians") is more political (at best) than empirical.

The crypto market is a pure sentiment and sales market. Therefore, Jackson Palmer gave it the most accurate and succinct characterization.

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This can happen in a well-managed economy. But imagine a econmy like this: in a year the price of milk has increased by 100%, rental prices have increased by 100%, the price of bread has increased by 100%, and the minimum wage has increased by 20%. In such a situation, inflation does not bring improvement. He just steps on the throats of the people. If the purchasing power is more than inflation, it's not a problem. Just because you've had success for a while doesn't mean it's always good.

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Could you please cite examples of well-run economies where such things have happened and provide source references?

The reason you have a well-run liberal democratic government or, better, a socialist one like Germany, Holland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc. is to take care of this situation in a way that it doesn't "step on peoples' throats".

Thankfully, even in the USA, such inflation doesn't exist. And the reason till now is that it has been well-managed. Not quite as well managed as, say for instance, Germany, but that is another discussion.

I am sorry for you if you don't live in such a society. Crypto may help you in a corrupt, kleptocratic, or autocratic society. But only if you ever had the dollars/euros/yen/chf to buy enough crypto in the first place. Before the event.

One thing is certain, crypto will only play out worse. It is not an economic, financial, or government system. It's just a giant sentiment casino that will instantly vanish if such a scenario as you describe above comes about.

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The example you provided covers a very small class. There are more than 200 countries around the world.

In addition, the Blockchain is much more efficient than today's system. There's a big difference between them. dec. There is an age difference. Besides, these are not just stupid coins. There are also decommissioned coins between them. But part of it is really things that can be very functional in everyday life.

We'll see what happens in time. I have enough patience to see this.

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The FOMO is real. All the talk about alt season is very anxiety inducing. Better plan ahead and keep calm

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bitcoin experts predict that future btc will rise, btc will fall. Since I saw the ridiculous events last year (china crisis, elon musk's manipulation of the market), btc analysis does not seem very reliable to me anymore.

If you are going to invest in btc, your aim should be to invest in a project and to support the project.

sometimes my friends ask me questions like should i buy btc. The answer I gave to them was "If you get 1 million dollars in btc, invest again" because bitcoin technology will always continue to evolve.

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Looks like it's dropping a bit as of today. But I see that and I'm not thinking ohh no I have to sell sell sell. I'm thinking where I can get some more liquid to pour into this before it starts to go back up. I used to sweat the drops until I learned that, what goes down in this game, must come back up sooner or later.

Hodl that btc people, but the dips and be financially responsible for your own future. I'm done depending on where my next check is going to come from, or if that phone is going to ring so I have a job secured. My job security is btc. Wish I figured this out a long time ago, but it's still early and I'm all in.

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