Nfts became very popular earlier this year.

It has also turned into an investment vehicle that uses the blockchain to transfer and store Nfts.

It has become a technology that minimizes transportation time, cost and hassle in many parts of the world and especially for those interested in the arts. New artists have a chance to become more famous.

Now, small artists can develop themselves and sell without being dependent on others.

This aspect is quite beautiful and functional.

What makes something valuable is the size of the problem it removes. What makes nfts valuable is the artistic problems they eliminate.

I love Nfts and I'm behind them. It's a category that integrates with the real world and it caught my attention.

Thanks for the article and information.

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NFTs are becoming the herald of a new era. I strongly believe so after started seeing them at regular news on TV. 7 months ago I barely understood what do NFTs stand for, but now I'm able to see their importance.

Digitalization of every matter prepare us for the future. As the time passes more people are getting into the virtual world, so there has to be a way for demonstrating themselves to others and they will be holding into NFTs. This reminds me of Black Mirror, but just think about it: just like you are welcoming a guest at your house and you are making a showcase of your favourite artpieces. Yeah, you can do the same in virtual world by making a showcase of your profile. This is just insane...

I think small artists can step up easily through NFTs. It is easy to be noticed or do marketing in virtual world. I even saw a 12 year old boy making huge amount of money by just selling whale NFTs...

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Sometimes I wish I had bought btc years ago. If I had met crypto when BTC was $100, I would be doing very different things right now. Opportunities never run out, yes I may not have bought btc when it was $100, but I bought NFT just in time.

I've been dealing with Nfts since it came out. The future is open as nfts has so much potential.

The lead actor in the Forrest Gump movie buys a stake in Apple in 1994. Think about it, even the mobile phone was not invented back then, but the man had a stake in Apple. We are at that point for nfts, we are among the first to join this nft market in the world.

Now you will ask me, you always say that NF has a bright future, but why? Why will these NFTs be so popular in the future? I will explain this to you in several points.

1- With the emergence of BTC, people realized that investment instruments are not just stocks or precious metals. Now they are curious about the blockchain.

2- We are in the age of technology, we understood that the best investment is the investment in technology. nfts combines art with technology, we even call it nfts digital art and one thing I am sure of is that technology never loses.

3- I have been using Twitter for a long time and expert analysts, expert stockbrokers started to receive nft. When I asked why, they said that we get coins, it doubles after months, but nfts is much more profitable, we can increase the money 2, 3 or even 5 times in a very short time.

4- last and most important point, nfts are fun. You want to make money when you invest, but besides that, nfts are great looking pictures and you look at them the way you look at them. I liken this situation to the cars in the toy store when I was little, I want to buy a car every time I go to the mall. now i want to buy an nft and collect it.

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It's not too late for BTC. The NFT is a trend. There have been occasional trends in crypto history. He's winning the NFT right now. We have to get the wind behind us to win. But my opinion is that when another wind comes, these crazy and meaningless NFTS will be $ 0.

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I have friends who ask what the NFT is. I just met him today and he told me what the NFT is? I see NFTS sold and it's worth a fortune, he said. He asked how people trusted him. I told him it was original.

Because there are free things like painting. I mentioned that artists designed it. They're all special. I showed a few and we enjoyed looking and examining them. There are some really subtle things.

NFT has some advantages and disadvantages. Now we are in the age of Informatics, and everything is multiplying and spreading in the virtual world. This is a big opportunity for the NFT. There is a growing interest in going. The public is not indifferent. I like these. People like special things better.

Thanks for the nice post.

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Very decent points

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There are still things I'm surprised about. I don't think it's nice to use people's weaknesses . But in NFTS sold for millions of dollars, people's habit of spending money is being targeted.

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People have barely gotten used to cryptos. They asked why 50k bitcoins were given. Because they didn't see the truth and the future behind it.

The same applies to the NFTS right now. Why? That question will be asked all the time. But there will come a time when everyone will own the nft. I look forward to those days.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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I met NFTs this March. They gained incredible momentum earlier this year.

I have always been interested in art and design due to my profession. I can look at the situation from both the artist's and the collector's side. I think NFTs are a very important opportunity for both sides.

Thanks to WAX and Atomichub, it is possible to mint NFT at a very low cost.

NFTs, which facilitate access to art and artists, enable artists to perform their art independently and freely. That's what an artist needs.

Small artists who see the possibilities of NFTs are also encouraged. In this way, both the world of NFT and art are developing.

Even though they cannot be felt physically, with digital exhibitions (AR/VR) created today and I think will increase in number, it will be a great alternative to traditional exhibitions.

Thanks to NFTs, very creative game ideas are also coming out. As long as they are supported, they will achieve great things.

NFTs are like snowballs. And I think these snowballs will grow into an avalanche. They will make their presence felt for a long time.

Thanks for the article!

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NFT's have become very popular. It's an important detail that an entity using blockchain is a digital representation. The value and reliability of the works of art facilitated reliability and reach through this technology.provided a digital auction opportunity.

provided the opportunity to create digital collections. I believe that in the future, there will be a much more important place in this market. The fact that there are reliable works of art that have been authenticated is a really important detail in this period.

Works of art are very important during this period. and collectors will now be free of the difficulties in exhibiting their artworks, not only to a group of people, but also to the artworks that can be exhibited all over the world, as well as the physical zaras that can come to the organization and the work of art.

artists, on the other hand, will be able to exhibit their works of art freely and freely all over the world without having to prove their art to a group of people. And these NFT's will surely become a part of our lives years from now.

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NFTs stay popular. We see different projects every day. Game projects, collectible projects... Everyone's purpose is different, and anyone who wants to earns passive income from here, who wants to make instant income, and whoever really wants is just collecting.

Recently, Solana has been frequently mentioned in this trend. Incredible profits and gains are possible.

I think both artists and collectors are happy with this situation. In such an environment, it is possible for small artists to make their art with greater enthusiasm. Regardless of age, race or gender (most NFT artists are anonymous), it was possible to prove themselves and spread widely thanks to NFT technology. This is an incredible revolution!

Thanks for the article.

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I'm excited to see how NFTs disrupt the music industry

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