I'm a Dork. You're a Dork. Everybody Here's a Dork.

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In a newsfeed of bold colorful animals a pencil-lead creation has hit the Twitter space. Hand drawn, gender unknown, human-esque cuties, artist Tori Batt likes to call Dorkis. 

In their first 11 days since launch they have already seen support from Chris Wahl, jimmy.eth and have even been minted by rapper Ja Rule. Though they are STILL minting on their website!  

Dorkis are odd and innocent creations by New Zealand artist Tori Batt that will transport you back to a simple time of childhood creating. Each of Tori's creations require her to draw out and color each unique feature individually, then scan them, randomize and computer generate the traits that make up each Dorkis.

“My drawings are much too silly to be this appreciated!” says Tori, as each new member pours into the Dorkis discord server, through joint love of her creations. 

An artist who felt her drawings and paper sketches would never see success in the digitalized NFT space, is humbled to have a community find joy in these whimsical drawings. Especially when fans and their children draw derivatives of her silly creatures!

Randomizer, smart contract developer, and former aircraft engineer Frank Poncelet has over 20 years of experience in software development, and accepted the task of developing a unique smart contract for the project. Himself an active digital artist in the NFT community and aware of the current NFT marketplace.

Frank says his favorite part of this experience is how the Dorkis “come to life”. 

Founder @FCCview speaks about the unique burning mechanism he has implemented with the 10k avatar launch of @WeAreDorkis. A mechanism created to hopefully help curb a sales trend he has seen in other project launches.

After helping build communities for several NFT projects he notices consumer behaviors. Some collectors who look to turn profit quick, will buy mass quantities of a project, and sell many of the less rare NFTs, at a loss. 

To curb that, Dorkis is the first to offer a burn and rebate mechanism; a phase they like to call "community curation". 

Order of Events as follows: 

Sale : Dorkis minted on website, revealed on website. 

Burn : If 100% are sold, for 24 hours, the smart contract will allow a BURN & REBATE for an 80% return and to curate rarity.

Meta Data Release : After the burn period collectors will finally get to see the Metadata of the Dorkis. Finally telling them how rare their Dorki is, following the curation.

Graveyard : Sending the Dorkis to something the community likes to call the “Graveyard Collection”.

If the sellout does not happen however, the remaining Dorkis will be burned, and the burn/rebate mechanic won't be activated. 

The journey was long, from prototype to final product. This included many redo’s from Tori, and for Frank and FCCview to run over 100k Dorkis through the generator to pick the best traits.

By the presale launch August 31st, the smart contract was tested over 20 times on the test network to ensure the burn mechanism and traits would work dynamically together during curation.

September 5th, We Are Dorkis launched through their website for 0.07 ETH each. 

The project has a 100/wallet limit, 10/transaction, and has focused on organic growth from the community and opting to not pay influencers at the beginning stage. 

The community roadmap is a beautiful piece of art in itself with an approximate 6 month timeline.

It includes Dorki companions by Tori, a Halloween resurrection event for burned Dorkis, early holder offers, such as Dorki merchandise, and a very exciting D&D Dorki community they will foster. As well as a Liquidity Pool with nft20.io. Also, a 35% community fund. 

The funds will be handled in a multi signature wallet with Gnosis-safe.io with community decisions being handled through Snapshot.org allowing the funds to be delegated by the community for proposed IP projects and group acquisitions and other endeavors. 

Great detail went into the interactive website and roadmap to enable ease of mobile minting. The experience is visually appealing, reminiscent of a time when websites were enjoyable to visit…maybe around 2004 when everyone wanted to drop it like it’s hot.

Dorkis are still minting through their website: 


Minting will CLOSE: Sunday September 19th  10:00pm GMT

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