Immersys Is Creating The Next Major Metaverse

And Early Access Is Now Open

Have you heard the term ‘Metaverse’ recently? Most likely, you have. Everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to Gary Vaynerchuck is talking about them. But what is a Metaverse? And what does the term actually mean?

A Quick Explanation

According to Wikipedia, a “Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space”. The word "Metaverse" is made up of the prefix "meta" meaning beyond, and the stem "verse" (a backformation from "universe"). The term is typically used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe.

The Metaverse In The Context Of Immersys

So while a Metaverse can be many things, a key aspect I’ll highlight today is that a Metaverse can allow you to replace classic online shopping with the ability to make those same purchases inside a virtual world.

A Metaverse can also facilitate hanging out with friends, going to a concert or fight night, and can even simulate going to an arena to see an artist perform, no matter where you are in the world.

Like the real world, you can own land in many of the leading Metaverses, with your virtual deeds stored as assets on the blockchain. 

In a nutshell, Metaverses are ready to completely revolutionize the economies of entertainment, finance, gaming, and everything in between. They are fusing the real world and the virtual world into a single experience that is totally interoperable. 

And from the view of this humble writer, there is one Metaverse in particular, poised to make major waves.

What is Immersys?

Immersys is a WAX NFT metaverse built for the WAX community. Collectors and creators can explore and participate in a 3D virtual world, where their digital assets and NFTs can function as in-game items, cosmetics, access passes and showcaseable artifacts.

Players are able to participate in multiple activities inside of the world, ranging from hanging out and socializing with friends, to talking about upcoming NFT projects and gathering resources like typical MMORPG games – chopping down trees, mining rocks, etc. – and having the corresponding NFTs minted directly to their WAX wallet as they are playing the game. 

Immersys’ players also have the ability to acquire blueprints for NFT blend recipes, and the option to craft or blend recipes based on the assets they have at their disposal. The resulting items, represented by WAX NFTs, can then be bought and sold on the secondary market or traded-in to earn the Immersys in-game token.

Bringing Fight Night To Life With Immersys Virtual Combat 

Recently upping the stakes, Immersys has just released its combat functionality. The types of available combat will be players vs. environment (PVE) and player vs. player (PVP). This means that now when you’re in Immersys, you can do things like head to the forest area to fight some of the monsters that are now lurking there, or try your luck in the in-Metaverse arena - the Champion’s Ring.

The Champion’s Ring is a basically a virtual boxing ring where players can go in to fight, and where others less enthusiastic about fighting can try their hand at commentating or taking the driver’s seat in the Control Room.

The Control Room has a lot of fun functionality, such as shooting off fireworks, kicking off each round with a gong sound, and more. Perhaps the best feature of all however, is that access to the Control Room gives you the ability to lock the fighters in the arena with a barrier, so that people can fight to the death in the ring, winner-take-all.

An interesting gamification aspect of the Control Room is that only people that have the secret access code - provided within an NFT that must be in their personal wallet -  can actually access and use the Control Room, with the access NFT updated periodically and cycling access among dedicated users. 

The Eleblob Arena

Just before we move on from in-game battling, it would be remiss of me not to mention the Eleblob Arena . As can likely be deduced form the name, it is separate to the Champions Ring and a place where players can battle their Eleblobs Pixel Monsters – characters created by the co-founders and which are unique to the Immersys Metaverse.

Each Eleblob Pixel Monster has their own unique set of stats and are designed to be fought against each other in front of users, all whom have the ability to watch.

The Immersys NFT Marketplace

In addition to combat, there will be an Immersys marketplace that is coming out soon. The Immersys NFT Marketplace will allow creators in the WAX Community to rent out digital storefronts in a virtual marketplace to sell their NFTs, allow players to subscribe to their Patreon and other services, commission art, and even purchase physical items (vIRL items) from inside the Immersys world. 

Players shopping within these districts will get a completely different type of marketplace experience to what they are used to. Players will be able to review and determine what they want to purchase in a robust 3D space prior to confirming the transaction. If this is of interest to you, make sure you keep an eye out for future announcements about  reserving your storefront (coming soon)!

The Immersys NFT Metaverse is Redefining Digital Ownership

As a whole, Immersys is revolutionizing what it means to hold digital assets by presenting products and facilitating transactions in a way that people can understand and easily get involved with. Holding specific NFTs will grant users special access to exclusive features within the world, not only adding value to the entire WAX ecosystem by adding an additional use case to over 40 NFT collections, but it also allowing for the entire Metaverse to be ultra-connective, customizable and integratable.

Many creators are already participating on the Immersys Metaverse. The Immersys game engine has been in design for well over three years. Early reports are that creators are loving the UX and have been taking advantage of the quick import system that is a fast and simple way to bring in and fully set-up creator assets, other cosmetics, and even build Metaverse cities within a matter of minutes. Advertising has also become popular as players are purchasing real estate from the limited ad space available in the world.

Immersys Is Ready to Launch

Immersys is built on the WAX blockchain, meaning that transactions are free, ecofriendly, and easily accessible via WAX Cloud Wallet (that enables players to sign up and start collecting digital assets within two clicks). Immersys is also the first of its kind on the WAX Blockchain, one of the largest and premier NFT blockchains in the world, with the most users and overall NFT transactions.

To conclude, Immersys is providing additional utility for all the assets that our WAX community has created, by bringing them in and giving them functionality directly in their game. 

Immersys is currently in closed beta (it’s still really early), but if you want access you can buy an Immersys players card on Atomic hub here.

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