Is DeFi Ready for Institutional Adoption?

DeFi or decentralized finance is the hottest crypto buzzword nowadays. TVL or total value locked in DeFi has grown exponentially in the last one year. Such tremendous growth can’t come only from the retail investors or crypto hobbyists. Institutional participation in DeFi is already happening behind the curtain and it signifies that the market is evolving dramatically. DeFi activity was happening on Ethereum blockchain previously but many new blockchains have started to capture decent market share recently and expanded the market. The idea of lending-borrowing without the intervention of a third party or intermediary has found enough takers and the smart-contracts are acting as financial robots to automate execution. The disintermediation has obviously reduced the cost of acquisition or maintenance in DeFi and adoption can happen at a broad scale. DeFi isn’t limited to lending-borrowing activity only. The possibility is really enormous and naturally the institutional investors will want to capture the opportunity.

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