Do not be surprised if you see an etherium ath soon, even though there is a huge difference between them and btc, they are doing their best to close that gap.

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In fact, Ethereum is a really nice coin.

People are just talking fee. Ethereum is just fee for them. Sometimes it is necessary to break prejudices.

I have already said in previous articles that I did not make a transfer. But this does not mean that I do not have ETH.

Of course, I'm taking it as an investment. Although I'm not transferring, it's a good project for me. The future is bright and beautiful.

I hope he goes to more beautiful places.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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I didn't know Ethereum like this. I knew that it was constantly burning and there was unlimited supply. But I didn't understand. Just because people are so confident in what they have unlimited supply for.

Frankly, I saw a little small Ethereum. I made a big mistake. It's a really great system that works.

The fact that NFTs on the Ethereum network are hyped supports the burning. That means we're getting closer to that day. On the day when the burning speed will be faster than the printing speed.

Although the supply has increased, it has seriously gained in value. And who knows what happens when the burn gets in the way of printing. I feel like I need to buy Ethereum now.

Thanks for the nice article. You're giving me some really important information. Thousands of dollars worth of ethereum burned out while reading and writing. :) It must be that they say that time is money.

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I've come across it in your articles before. You're not using eth because of Fee. Do you have any investments?

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I've said before that I don't like the ethereum network and have never bought ethereum. I still don't have ethereum. :( But I see once again that it is necessary not to make a decision without research.

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You don't need to take action. If you keep it on the stock exchange, the problem will be solved. Of course, if you want to keep it in your wallet, I can't say anything.

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The fact that Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency makes it so important. The function and importance of ETH is quite high. That's why I consider it more valuable than Bitcoin. The statistics you gave in the article also strengthen my opinion.

While ETH promising all this, if it was the first cryptocurrency, it would be far above its current level. Still, I think it can compete more closely with Bitcoin. Solutions for high fees can make this race even easier for ETH. Because I think that ETH is not able to maximize its user potential due to high fees.

Thank you for the article.

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I think the rise of ETH cannot be stopped.

eth is currently the number two coin in the crypto market.

but will this change?

as the eth community is mocking?

So can eth sit on the throne of bitcoin?

I do not think so.

if bitcoin is gold

eth will always remain silver.

yes eth will be in a much better place in the future I believe that.

Buying and holding eth is the second most logical thing in this market I guess.

The first of course is to hold BTC.

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Well, I don't think ETH will remain silver. I'm opposing Sylvain on this one.

Rather than being decentralized and revolutionary, what utility does Bitcoin have? With the smart contrats and all other stuff ETH brings the utility people seek. I might have several reasons to tell people why to invest on BTC, whereas I have hundreds of reasons to tell them why to invest on ETH.

Obviously the market is dependant on BTC now, but %20 dominance of ETH cannot be underestimated. ETH is building slowly and steadily, maybe not in terms of price but I think it will pass marketcap of BTC in near future.

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There's smart contracts on Bitcoin. Check RSK. It's not that popular yet but could be

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This article makes me to get hype on Ethereum. I knew there was this update to burn ETH fees, but didn't know any other details about it. OpenSea alone takes up the lead in each time category, by the time of writing this 706 ETH from Opensea has gone to out of nowhere.

5.04 ETH/min burn in overall network is amazing ratio...

If there is demand for something that has low supply, indeed its price will keep increasing. I think YFI is great example of this. In terms of ETH, now the supply will keep lowering itself and it will make it even more valuable.

In one of the previous Ethereum article I emphasized this:

"Bitcoin is the 1st innovation that makes the history...

and Etherium is the 2nd innovation that changes the game."

Bitcoin is gold but old. It's just a symbol, and the whole market is dependant on it. However, I think in close future Ethereum will take up the lead because most of the users will value utility more. So what I still concern is the amount of fees, with higher fees more ETH gets burnt, if ultimate solution comes for fees the burnt amount will decrease and ratio of ETH/min will decrease. I think it would still be good tho, because in that way the network will attract more users, meaning that there will still be more ETH to burnt.

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Making a pretty solid cast that eth is on the right path. Sure feels inevitable that it will be the long-term solution for the new finance. Hopefully, it continues.

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Y'all got me hyped on ETH. Nice one Dalmas.

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When gas fees stop being a problem Ethereum is going to be unstoppable

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I think ETH have a great future and it can maybe overtake Bitcoin in the future. It have a lot of utility and there are so many people using ETH.

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