Kool Keith x CryptoFinney

A collaboration for the ages


I feel like a track star, running away from Hip Hop – City, I’m going to Shift City,

I just stopped.  I’m switching to maybe going in like R Kelly

And working in Jack-in-a-box, with un-matching socks,

I’m loving flipping burgers for service.

The critics, The vocabulary worders, Don’t have it - I fell off, Forgot what I was learning.

Always wanted to be an exterminator or a painter,

Or a roach spray demonstrator.

Fiending for a regular job. Rap no longer my hobby,

I’ll sell flowers in the lobby

Clean and sweep floors, I wish I was on no more tours

A collaboration for the ages

Kool Keith has turned his back on the rap game, finding his way to Shift City where he’s leading an inconspicuous life under the cover of an alter ego.

In solidarity with Kool Keith, post an image of you at your most common.

  • Waiting at the bus stop, listening to your Diskman?

  • Eating off the breadboard because you’ve got no clean plates?

  • Walking barefoot through the supermarket, just because it’s hot?

We want to see it!

The details

  • Enter as many times as you like - we mean it

  • Drop your image in the Cryptowriter Telegram and in the dedicated Cryptowriter community Telegram channel

  • Image does not need to feature your face, if you want to preserve your privacy (although it definitely won’t hurt your chances if it does)

  • The most creative entries will win

    • We like subtle nods to running jokes

    • We like seeing Cryptowriter and/or CryptoFinney nods

    • We most of all like inventiveness and creativeness with the “You at your most common” angle

  • Entries close end of day Sunday August 8th 2021 (GMT-12)

Top 3 entries will be rewarded

  • 1st will receive:

    • Mint #11 CryptoFinney x Kool Keith Member drop on EOS

    • Mint #11 CryptoFinney x Kool Keith Member drop on WAX

    • 3x EOS Genesis Finney Coins

    • 3x WAX Genesis Finney Coins

  • 2nd will receive:

    • 2x EOS Genesis Finney Coins

    • 2x WAX Genesis Finney Coins

  • 3rd will receive:

    • 1x EOS Genesis Finney Coins

    • 1x WAX Genesis Finney Coins

The bottom line

We want to see this go off Finney Nation, so get snapping and get creative!

And remember, even if you don’t win, your participation is still very much noticed and appreciated.

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