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Well Said 👏👏

Bitcoin Is The future currency

If you will understand it now then you can surely succed :D 👍

Hodl Is Gold 🔥

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HODL is GODL lol

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I call it Gold 😂

I think i should update my pfp :D

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There's always higher interests that wili prevent people from getting what is rightfully theirs.

I have family in Venezuela and, many years ago, some of them tried to come back o Portugal. Hyperinflation was already a thing but not as serious as it is now. They prepared everything to move back to Portugal and with money in the bank, from decades of hard work, they decided to transfer it for an European account.

It was a big surprise for them to know that they couldn't. The government blocked all the transactions out and they were stuck in Venezuela. They still are and too old to fight or change.

I see everyday, people trying to fight and everyday, i meet someone from countries like Venezuela, India, Paquistan, and others, that are, day by day, changing their life with Crypto. One NFT that they can win on a giveaway will make a big difference for them because they can get crypto if they sell it and crypto has no borders.

This is not about communism or politics, its about centralization and decentralization. Have full ownership or leaving someone to dictate your destiny.

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I enjoy the stories of people using Bitcoin and other cryptos in socialist 3rd world countries, hopefully this grows and becomes a way for the people to rise up!

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Bitcoin is the best way to fight hyperinflation. Just look at the bitcoin (and other cryptos) communities in countries like Venezuela and Argentina. People will always find a way to get around tyranic impositions.

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I sign under every word in this article.

very accurate observations...

As someone living in a 3rd world country, we are used to situations like this.

While the dollar lost value in many parts of the world during the pandemic, it doubled in the country I live in.

I assume you know what that means

So now we are poorer.

When we added the wrong policies of the government to this, our situation became really deplorable.

unemployment, price hikes, insufficient social support and many other bad conditions.

If I start telling, it could take days.

things you already know

things you can only see with a little more awareness.

So what I'm trying to say is we need a fairer world.

and we can build it together.

with more empathy

Thanks again for this great article.

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went to beirut a cpl years ago, really interesting place. lebanon has gone thru so much shit. hope they catch a break

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It’s so unfortunate how some institutions are trying to hard to put people’s work down, thankfully we’re working in decentralization and soon that’s not going to be a thing.

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It's events like this that help people to wake up see what's happening to the value/control of money.

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Things like this, as you said, are why we NEED this movement to succeed. When it does, we will all be better for it.

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