Missing Pieces: How ClarionOS and EdenOS Will Complete EOS

It was not that long ago that Dan Larimer announced the ClarionOS project and rocked the core EOS community. For those just beginning a love affair with EOS, the Clarion dream is one of crypto distribution. Imagine practical application akin to the early Bitcoin. It's the inspiration behind blockchain.

For EOS die-hards, I hope you find my overview valuable. Please leave a comment if you found it insightful. Amp up the broadcast power of the Clarion community!


Here’s the initial March 2nd tweet where Dan announces ClarionOS:

If you are interested in my next project, #clarionos, a logically decentralized communication platform to replace centralized services (email, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, medium) then join the discussion on GitHub.

Data Serialization Format was also posted on GitHub on this day. It was a week where discussion was greatly encouraged, especially on EOSCommunity.org (and of course Telegram). The first week of March was one of the most exciting weeks in the history of EOS (or at least should prove to be). No, it wasn't because of the PowerUp. Action calls like a 100 EOS bounty contest for a Clarion logo, in addition to developer/contributor networking, brought the thunder.

By the following week, most of the community began to realize that Dan’s departure from Block.one was a step forward. Brandon Lovejoy’s interview with him about More Equal Animals and Clarion hammered this home. Note that Dan continues to draw from principles outlined in his new book when discussing the project's future.

EOS has a bright future and ClarionOS sets out to deliver the type of communication medium and economics that the world needs now.

ClarionOS: Friend-to-Friend Message Protocol

ClarionOS has been described as a layer0 solution. The following four message flows were taken directly from a message pinned in the Telegram channel:

 1. asynchronous person to person (like email)

 2. real-time person to person (video/chat)

 3. one to many (like tweet/Facebook)

 4. many to many (like an open chatroom / blockchain )

Each one of these is powerful, especially when built into a fundamental layer of a blockchain ecosystem. Taken together with EdenOS, they are paradigm shifting. To learn more about ClarionOS, read the FAQs and join the discussion (links provided at the end).

EdenOS: Decentralized, Transparent, and Democratic Governance

EdenOS is an aggressive pursuit to transform the EOS community into the most pure blockchain governance model of any in existence. The EdenOS Roadmap was proposed on March 27th. EOS Alliance and 1.9 million in EOS (from eosio.ram fee account) are set to guide the Eden community.


On April 15th, Dan tweeted:

Today I am meeting with the Clarion team to kick off our development plans for #EOS, #EdenOS, and #Clarion.  The number of full time devs starting today is doubling. We expect to have the #EdenOS smart contact setup for invitations/NFT creation by the end of the month.

Also on this day, Dan discussed the future ecosystem:

Imagine combining #EOS, Eden, and a http://Hive.blog ... behind a single easy to use decentralized interface all integrated with #Clarion...moderating content and rewarding contributors...


Block.one appears on board with improving the governance system. Dan outlined a new governance model on March 12th. A little over a month later, B1 proposed a stake-based voting and reward mechanism to increase economic alignment.

Developer Meeting Notes

For those wishing to trek deeper into the specifics of Eden, Telegram meeting notes are available for:

March 29

April 19

To connect with enthusiastic like-minds about ClarionOS and EdenOS and the future, join the discussion on EOSCommunity.orgTelegram, and GitHub.

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