My Experience with and the Potential of a Liquid EOS 

Ever since Satoshi introduced blockchain, bitcoins have freely traded. In contrast, fiat currencies are first distributed.

Cryptocurrencies are end-to-end, free market solutions. Starting off as a peer-to-peer solution allows for profound minimization of valueless intermediaries. Crypto cuts out the waste generally accepted as inevitable within fiat systems. Thus, fiat currencies can never match the potential of cryptocurrencies in establishing a fair trading environment and free market.

Blockchain Endures

Given this power, it’s a bit baffling as to why crypto exchanges face persistent challenges. From public perception and corporate interference to unnecessary regulatory pressure, crypto trading survives amidst chaotic environments. 

Maybe issues like that which transpired at Mt. Gox still resonates in the minds of global influencers. If you’re not familiar with the event, just know that crypto enthusiasts were at one time hopeful that Mt. Gox would play a pivotal role in mass adoption. The exchange’s failure was a travesty and likely set the industry back a few years.

Importance of Exchanges and Wallets

Exchanges are likely to remain the deciding factor in the mass adoption of blockchain. They, and their associated wallets, expect to become an integral part of everyday internet activity. Passwords and logging in via Google, Facebook, or Twitter will one day be replaced by blockchain wallets. Cross-chain wallets that can integrate symbiotic cryptocurrencies will enable users to leverage great networking and trading power. Exchanges like will go even beyond this and expand upon FinTech and stock markets. 

A New Economic Environment

Crypto exchanges and wallets (e.g. WAX, Greymass, Newdex, Token Pocket…) that allow both access to Dapps as well as facilitate trading and payment settlement have already proven their worth. Consider the daily closure of fiat markets upon which stock markets still primarily trade. Closing at a specific time each day on one side of the hemisphere means that half the world is deprived of access to a market. Hardly free indeed.

Market closures is a pre-internet design construct. Economic environments have since drastically changed. Crypto exchanges certainly cannot operate in this way. Yet, even today, some high profile crypto exchanges still structure their operations around the limitations of banking hours. Here’s where the brilliance of expects to shine.

Spotlight on enters crypto as a breath of fresh air. It promises to bridge not just across blockchains, but become a meeting ground for fiat and crypto. At first glance, the mix of crypto wallets alongside traditional services feels a cut above anything that currently exists. Of course, is early in its pilot test. Even from merely testing a few basic functions, I found to have grasped the most pressing issues of the day.

EOS Ready to Break Out

In case you’re wondering, the words “Liquid EOS” (in the title) do lend to the added liquidity that other aspects like the DAPP Network and Chintai will bring to the EOS ecosystem. EOS is beginning to tap into liquidity from a variety of sources. This will invariably mean an influx of intangibles as well. The greater community can expect both hidden liquidity advantages as well as positive impact from ‘silent’ interested parties.


Bullish shouldering liquidity will undoubtedly benefit all participants of the mainnet. How great an impact it will have upon all of crypto remains to be seen. A key indicator towards a brighter future can be found on the account funding page where equal priority appears given for connecting bank accounts and various crypto wallets. Another is the seamless tradeability and fluid function of the platform. 

No other exchange I’ve used comes close to the Bullish UX. Both in thoughtful organization and performance readiness, Bullish stands apart. Let’s also not forget the preparedness of the B1 team to take regulatory pressures by the horns and establish powerful partnerships out of the box.

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