I would like to add a couple new acronyms, too, for Mr. Laurel.

NgUUID – Number Go Up Until It Doesn’t

IIADV – Inflation Is A Dependent Variable

The first one is just a “whatever”. Economies and stocks go up until they don’t, as well. And the value of silver, for instance. And, of course, BTC and crypto of all sorts bounce around wildly, which make them just a speculation game if you actually occasionally need to use the value. For almost all people, that is a big problem.

As for Mr. Laurel’s remarks about inflation: anyone with even a remote and minimal knowledge of the economics know that: the greater the demand for something that is limited, the higher the price. That is for Mr. Saurel his first lesson in basic economics. The second lesson is IIADV: the USA has experienced over 1,000% inflation since the 1920s. In that time, the standards of living and advances in technology and medicine have been unrivaled through the whole history of the world… that use to rely on gold and silver. And, since the end of WW2, Europe and other liberal democracies have had an identical experience.

But, heck, these are just tedious facts. And not belief systems based on just a few years. You know, just like such things in the past like shells, silver, gold, train stocks, tulips, etc.

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Bitcoin is a great unit. I would like to add that besides what has been described. Orphanage. Bitcoin is an orphan. Which makes everyone own it.

That is why it is currently not possible for another unit to pass bitcoin. For example, Ethereum. Yes, it's a very nice project. But the whole world cannot accept it as a currency. If he agrees, Vitalik Buterin will become the ruler of the world:)

This explains why bitcoin is the leader. Why he could become the head of the entire world economy. I hope I've been able to explain.

Thanks for the nice article.

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If you HODL Bitcoin you're GMI

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