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The day America bans crypto is the day we lose the next 30 years of innovation.

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I was looking at these events technologically at first. But now I see that it has turned into a political war.

I don't think the one who is in favor of innovation will lose. Because the current system is very bad. You need to update.

And America has made a very good move. China has taken bitcoin away from itself, while America has embraced it. Bitcoin now looks like this: scientists who fled Germany in the second World War. He runs away from the tile and is looking for someone who will accept himself.

Thanks for the nice article.

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There is no revolution. It is a steady undermining of the institutions of governance in the western liberal democracies.

For those who want good governance and transparency, Crypto and its associated "decentralization" ideology are the complete blacking out of transparency and the slow undermining of the always-ongoing project of good governance that is a foundation of western liberal democracy.

The revolution of crypto will be a triumph of corruption and autocracy. Hence those are the ones who have been most behind the project from the beginning.

Wake up before it's too late.

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Bans are less effective now. Because people are learning slowly.

Bitcoin is a technology, and we will own it.

America has evaluated the mistake made by China very well. And if it goes like this, China will be very upset. If it wasn't for America, another country would have taken over. Because I think bitcoin=power. And everyone wants to be strong.

Other countries are missing a huge opportunity. They should realize it as soon as possible.

Stay with Bitcoin.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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This is good news that China and there fud is starting to be stopped. I'm happy to see alot of the bigger company banning mining rigs, and exchanges banning btc trading from China. Every month they "ban" bitcoin and the price tanks. It's great that all of these people are catching on and trying to put a stop to it. Once America realizes that bitcoin is here to stay and all these American Institutes start embracing btc and blockchain technology, then we can start to see mass adoption and a very steady price movement upwards where it belongs. Bitcoin should be at the very least 80k each right now, it will be. At least thise of us that know can still gain enough while it's relatively cheap so we can prosper feom it.

I'm a Bitcoin hodler for life.

Peace all

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Everyone has to suffer the consequences of their actions, including China. America made good use of the opportunity. The country that will rule the crypto world for the future is very important, so whatever is more advantageous for us.

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América calls itself "land of the free" so it makes sense not to ban crypto. Good things will come from this.

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It is impossible to escape from technological innovations and developments, no matter how hard you try, people pay more attention to innovation and transparency.

Bitcoin is a technological invention.

This invention offers people financial freedom and the opportunity to take their future in their own hands.

While all this is promised to people, trying to stop or block Bitcoin is a useless effort and a waste of time.

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Nothing can stop bitcoin, it's very strong and keeps getting stronger, countries try to manipulate by doing such things but they will not succeed ,i hope america continues like this.

Thank you for the article.

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