On the Eve of Expansion, a Setup Unlike Any Other

There’s a lot of ongoing development within the EOS mainnet. This article looks at those projects that were spotlighted on EOSweekly. Find project links and developer statements in past editions.

All the projects listed here announced an imminent (or recently deployed) product release in recent weeks.


EdenOnEOS is the first community based on EdenOS technology. ClarionOS has within its sights all internet communication mediums. With fractal democracy made possible by EdenOS, true, sustainable, and lasting decentralization comes to the EOS mainnet. Through member NFTs, the network has the potential to move toward full distribution. One that’s representative of the community, and not a candy-coated BP directive. With ClarionOS’ communication tools, the EOS mainnet gains independence from intrusive server-based systems.

EOS Foundation

The story here is grant funding and warranted distribution. In the beginning, the EOS mainnet allocated a small percentage of inflation to support the network. For various reasons that were thought to support the long-term health of the network, the inflation pool was burned time and again. It was eventually turned off by BPs. By now, many of the top BPs have forgotten about the inflation pool. Do they expect technological innovation to take care of itself? BPs acting as exchanges, those congregated within crypto-hostile China, and some that only seem to collect rewards without contributing much in return don’t seem interested in innovation. Turning inflation back on and entrusting grant distribution to the EOS Foundation has developers and users alike as excited as ever.


When this team says it has a plan for EOS, listen. The Anchor wallet is widely considered as the most influential dapp on the EOS mainnet. However, the Greymass team offers so much more. It pushes the envelope of what’s possible with EOSIO technology. Anchor needed the team’s attention for trusted wallet functionality. This secures network transactions, supports development, and breeds confidence within the community. With ‘authentication and tooling’ finding their legs, Greymass is now ready to lead robust development for mainnet growth, diversity, and functionality unlike any other.

EOS Marketplace

Real life people making real world transactions in crypto (EOS). That’s what EOS Marketplace is about. Well, that and microfinancing. It all really operates like a vibrant sub-community on a mainnet outpost. Each week the network grows stronger. The greater mainnet community is increasingly learning of stories about how EOS has real world impact. This has always been the goal for blockchain technology. It’s why ‘The Pizza Purchase’ was such a big deal.

Extended Development

Revolutionary Projects: Bullish, Voice , Chintai, DAPP Network

Bullish falls into both, a financial instrument as an exchange, and likely in the future, a revolutionary dapp with a plethora of useful features. Voice outright states its intention to lead a creative revolution. There’s just so much invested in both by a B1 team that’s been there since DAWN. Chintai often finds itself in the same conversation as B1 and Bullish. It’s another exchange that promises to bring liquidity EOS’ way. LiquidApps can claim the same (in terms of liquidity), but its commitment to fundamental cross-chain bridge building makes it a bit more of a mystery, albeit a profoundly powerful one. The DAPP Network running in the same environment as Greymass products could change how the world views blockchain. By the way, I just gained access and minted my first NFT on Voice. 

More DeFi: LACChain, EOSTARTER, T-Starter, Pomelo 

LACChain is regionally focused whose impact is increasingly felt. EOSTARTER is about to release an NFT line to support its efforts. T-Starter is working on EOS-TELOS-WAX token bridges. Pomelo crowdfunding may be listed last here, but its potential is certainly not. From the team at EOS Nation who held the top BP position for some time, Pomelo gamifies crowdfunding. Like the EOS Foundation, Pomelo has the community at heart. One would be hard pressed to find a noob EOS user who’s not benefited, recognizes and respects EOS Nation.

Want to know more... like some fun Dapps? 

Prospectors has been operating a virtual train within an MMO that connects EOS and WAX. CryptoFinney just released Volume 1 of its comic, and when Finney 2.0 is out of the factory, you’ll be able to customize your Finneys. As far as knowledge resources, EOS Hot Sauce (by EOS Nation) remains the most trusted and enduring news source for the EOS mainnet. Everything EOS provides a deep dive into developer insights in a free flowing podcast. Also keep an eye out for the graphical inspirations, interviews, and seminar style learning initiatives coming out of NovaCrypto each week.

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