Once You Understand the Why of Bitcoin, You Always Feel Like You Don’t Have Enough BTC

Keep Buying, Keep HODLing, Keep Repeating. Be patient.

I don't have enough Bitcoin in my possession. If only I had understood Bitcoin earlier, I could have accumulated more.

If you've understood the why of Bitcoin, I'm pretty sure you've said that sentence dozens of times already. For some, it's probably hundreds, to be honest. In fact, I can assure you that everyone who understands the why of Bitcoin thinks this way all the time.

I discovered Bitcoin in 2014, but I was just interested in the technical side of its system at first. It wasn't until 2017 that I really embraced the Bitcoin revolution by really understanding its why. From then on, it became obvious that I was facing a monetary revolution that would change the world of the future for the better.

Bitcoin is a fair game

It became clear to me that Bitcoin would be an accumulation game for the years to come.

So I started to adopt the best strategy that exists with Bitcoin for the average person: Buy, HODL, Repeat. It's the easiest thing to do and really only requires one thing: complete confidence in the Bitcoin revolution. The knowledge you will gain about Bitcoin and the economy will give you the confidence to be patient.

Because when you really understand the why of Bitcoin and its potential for the future, you also understand that patience is the key.

Bitcoin always rewards patience. Even so, it is human to have that feeling that we have not managed to accumulate enough BTC. That is part of the game. Those who trusted Bitcoin first were able to accumulate more. That's what makes Bitcoin fair.

It gives everyone an equal chance, but the sooner you take your chance, the bigger your reward.

No matter how much BTC you own, you are already ahead of the majority of the world's inhabitants

From this point on, there is no need to worry any further. Just keep accumulating BTC with a DCA strategy. Continue to be a Bitcoin HODLer no matter what. Take advantage of every correction and crash to accumulate a little more each time.

Contrary to what some may believe, more crashes will happen in the future. This is a certainty. Bitcoin is a free market, and that is what free markets do from time to time. If you have enough confidence in its revolution, you will profit from these events.

Finally, to be reassured, look at the numbers. Bitcoin currently has something like 125 million users. This is an estimate, as we can only know the number of active addresses on the network. Since one person can have several addresses, it is necessary to estimate the number of Bitcoin users.

The world population is currently 7.8 billion.

A quick mathematical calculation tells you that just 1.6% of the world currently owns Bitcoin, at best. So we are only at the beginning of this revolution that will take over the world in the future. Better yet, you know that the supply of Bitcoin is hard-capped at 21 million units no matter what.

However, it is estimated that 4 million BTC are lost forever. So we would be looking at a supply of around 17 million BTC at most.

If an equal distribution of BTC were to be made for each inhabitant of the Earth, this would give 0.002179 BTC per inhabitant. So if you already own more than 0.002179 BTC, you are already ahead of all other inhabitants of the Earth for the future.

Owning 1 BTC should be your goal, but before that, you can already aim for 0.01 BTC, and then 0.1 BTC. These are already numbers that will put you ahead of the game and change your money future. Setting these intermediate goals is the best way to get there with Bitcoin.

Final Thoughts

It is by building your game step by step that you will eventually triumph. That's how you always get the big wins in life. If you are already one of those who have at least 1 BTC, your goal should not change: aim for 1.1 BTC, then 1.5 BTC, and so on ...

Continuing to accumulate Bitcoin is the best way to protect yourself from the great monetary inflation we are currently experiencing. Above all, it is to have the courage to apply the right remedy once you have diagnosed the problem with the current monetary and financial system.

Those who have had the courage to do this over the years have never regretted it.


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