Trading is hard, and resisting the FOMO on huge gains is even harder. HODL is the safest strategy.

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FUD and FOMO. Most people in this market get caught up in either FUD or FOMO. I have met many people who call themselves traders.

But many of them are children who are eager to buy and sell. People who cheat all day long with fear and greed. Doesn't know what to do. He's scared.

That's why I've seen that real traders are very rare. It is necessary to be very strict. It is necessary to work with discipline. The number of them is really very small.

My opinion on this issue is to be decisive. If I want to sell something, I'll sell it. Its price does not affect me. The reason I sold it is because I don't like the project. Otherwise I won't sell it. This is my strategy, right or wrong. So far it has worked beautifully and I was not mistaken. From now on, this strategy will continue to accompany me.

Thanks for the nice article.

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