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Crypto Section

Bahadir’s comment on How NFTs Benefit Smaller Artists

Nfts became very popular earlier this year.

It has also turned into an investment vehicle that uses the blockchain to transfer and store Nfts.

It has become a technology that minimizes transportation time, cost and hassle in many parts of the world and especially for those interested in the arts. New artists have a chance to become more famous.

Now, small artists can develop themselves and sell without being dependent on others.

This aspect is quite beautiful and functional.

What makes something valuable is the size of the problem it removes. What makes nfts valuable is the artistic problems they eliminate.

I love Nfts and I'm behind them. It's a category that integrates with the real world and it caught my attention.

Thanks for the article and information.

NFT Section

cloudplans’ comment on A $70 Million NFT sale no one is talking about

Murat Pak! I got to know him years ago on Twitter thanks to Archillect. Archillect is a synthetic intelligence that finds inspirational images through social media channels and shares them through these channels, or an artificial intelligence depending on the point of view. Developed by Murat Pak.

I knew him before I knew anything about NFT. I follow Archillect and him with great interest. I was very excited and surprised when his one-pixel NFT sold for $1.36 million.

His art of pure simplicity is truly extraordinary. Simplicity coincides with my understanding of design and art. Perhaps one of the artists who does it best. He uses Twitter effectively and makes sure everyone is aware of him. I am sure that he will take the NFT industry to a very different dimension with his art.

I am happy that you mentioned him, thank you for the article!

Ledger Dust Replies: Thanks for mentioning Archillect. I wasn't sure how to include that AI into my article, but she has 2.36 million followers! Pak is certainly an interesting character with a massive vision and an incredible reach. Making this $70 Million sale all the more interesting, how is no one talking about it?!

cloudplans’ responds: You're right, Archillect and AI were not very relevant to the content of this article. So I can understand you being unsure how to include her in the article. But since she was the main reason for my intersection with Pak, I wanted to mention her specifically. I love Archillect because sometimes she posts such photos that it's hard not to be impressed. Just like she posted our founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, on November 10, the anniversary of his death. Sometimes the photos I take even make me think, "A-ha! I took an Archillect photo." The reason I think about this is because the photos Archillect posted stick in my memory and have a certain quality. She has a unique style. Anyway, that was off topic... I totally agree with what you said about Pak. Despite all this, it's ridiculous that so few people know him. At, He is currently rank 2 behind Beeple. One of the top NFT artists on many sites as well. I guess that explains everything. I am proud to be of the same nationality as him. I'm sure the number of people who know about him will increase every day.

EOS Section

theoldude’s comment on EOSIO.EVM could be a Game Changer, for the EOS Main-Net.

I completely agree with the starved EOS dev ecosystem. As someone entering the dev space it has been extremely challenging. I like the EOS tech more than the ETH/solidity tech, but the complete lack of a development ecosystem has made it extremely challenging. Anything to grow that base would be really huge.

Ethereum Section

CΛMΞL’s comment on Give Me A Home Among The Gumtrees

Working in corporate tech, I had been hearing about this NFT thing. A few weeks of twitter browsing and I then stumbling upon a discord link for Drop Bears, I got myself a discord account. Well! As an Aussie, finding a home grown NFT of mythical animals mirroring many of my own lifestyle choices, how could I ignore? 4 bears later and I'm loving the community. A collective and decentralised way of improving something (koala sanctuary in this case) is such a great way of using the power of the people. When the rest of the world is ready, see you at Willows.

Bitcoin Section

badumtisss’ comment on Stopping Bitcoin: Why the Old Myths Are No Longer True

Here's my thoughts about these myths:

1-) China has always been an isolated country. They don't want to depend on something instead they want the world to depend on them, and if we look at economical and industrial level it is happening in some extend. Long story short, not just Bitcoin I think they also want to restrain usage of dollars, turning it to a currency which they would be in charge. Most of the world sees the cold war going between USA and Russia, but I think China is the stronger opponent than Russia.

2-) In one of the recent articles Sylvain was explaining why %51 attack is impossible to succeed, the reasons is quite convincing. In theory it is possible but in fact it is far away than possible, there is no power to achieve this after the dispersion from China; yet I still don't think it would be possible with China, mining companies wouldn't let it happen.

3-) Environmentalists are attacking to Bitcoin by claiming the mining procedure harms our planet, but they aren't aware the fact that other monetary systems are the main reason of environmental harm ( I think they are very aware, and they are driven by Bitcoin opponents or they don't have power to fight other systems but Bitcoin).

This is obviously not the case, I find this myth the weakest one among others. The system keeps improving, and it's becoming more eco-positive by time so there's nothing to worry.

4-) Governments are aware of the potential of Bitcoin, it is hard to think contrary. However, I think they aren't keen on growing an interest on it because that would mean losing most of the power they are holding. Could you imagine what would happen to monetary systems if all of the nations would agree in future of Bitcoin? I think they would keep losing the value (as they are losing today) then collapse or they would immediately crash.

As nations cannot put common opinion even on a simple thing, it is not possible for them to unite and restrict Bitcoin altogether.

5-) I have no idea what quantum computing means and what it is currently capable of. This seems interesting. I don't think transition to quantum level would have harm on Bitcoin's current basis since it's upgradable. What I concern is the possibility of a new system that can out-class blockchain technology, therefore Bitcoin.

Thank you for the article. I love myths, and the fact that most of the time they aren't real.

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