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Round 2 Results

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Most engaged winners receive 1 Genesis Finney Coin.


Comment of the Week

RadCryptoGuy’s comment on This Isn’t The Top

Invest in a project you believe in and hold with diamond hands, don't let your emotions get the best of you and sell in a panic! Look at the S&P500, anyone who missed the 10 best days out of each decade would be looking at a 91% gain compared to a MASSIVE 14,962% for those who hodled.

Most Engaged

  • pilscoop

  • bdub

  • helallensana


Comment of the Week

loslakers’s comment on SuperRare: Lethabo Huma

The artwork by Lethabo is plastered by raw emotion and really portrays her world through her lens. Today, it's easy to forget one's privilege and take for granted what many others struggle for; this is especially true in more homogenous regions or countries like the United States where the media (through wealthy interests) controls certain narratives. With that said, the beauty of the digitized world, especially through art and NFTs, is the ability to showcase a wide array of different viewpoints, stories, and perspectives. With something as simple as a drawing, we can be immersed in the author's story and feel emotions and empathy that may have been locked away.

Most Engaged

  • E SH (Narooch)

  • Joe Gisondi

  • bdub


Comment of the Week

E SH (Narooch)’s comment on MAPPING THE EOS COMMUNITY, Part 1: Dapp Trackers

I’m pretty new to cryptos in general, but even more in EOS. I feel (for the little I know) that this has a lot of potential to grow like crazy and some people is just not paying attention. This info is helpful so I understand this better and I can keep spreading love for EOS. Great article!

Most Engaged

  • E SH (Narooch)

  • Fearcethe3rd

  • M.J. Doja


Comment of the Week

Ryya CryptoSharks comment on Nigeria Central Bank Declares War on Bitcoin in a Losing Battle With the People

Great article...bringing this topic to more people‘s attention!

Unfortunately I personally think the "war" on cryptocurrencies itself by governments and traditional fiat associations has only just begun.

As you mentioned...seeing the current state in Morocco, Nigeria and not to forget India.

Governments and of course traditional banks/fonds etc. trying to safe themselves and their power over people financially.

Cryptocurrencies threaten their system that put millions of people into financial slavery.

But our world starts to shift and evolve in a different way than before thanks to tech that is available to (almost) everyone.

Cryptocurrency and the ability to take the power of your financials back into your own hands isn‘t gated or just some wealthy rich percentage of people.

It doesn‘t take to fill out a massive amount of forms or do that and do can basically start with create/holding a wallet and p2p your first transactions through various ways.

And we will see more easy ways into cryptocurrencies coming with more apps/payment services adopting but unfortunately we will see as many shady ones that leech on desperate people living in countries with strict restrictions on cryptocurrency access.

But should someone demonize crypto for this shady and dark side?

Obviously not! Fiat money (and probably all currencies before that) has been used to finance shady transactions for centuries!

We are at the beginning of a new and prosperous era if we are willing to embrace it and of course see through possible tough times.

Most Engaged

  • Mohamad Al-azm

  • Rach Jain

  • E SH (Narooch)


Comment of the Week

Mohamad Al-azm’s comment on What Is Ethereum and Why Should You Care?

Great article! I for sure see Etherium having a successful future, but feel they really need to fix their gas issue. My first experience with NFTs was Wax so I didn't know what Gas even was and why it costs so much to mint. I heard of a cool NFT Stamp Idea on Etherium and decided to invest. I had 1 Eth in my account and the NFT was 0.1 Eth. I figured I would buy 5 of them which in my mind was 0.5 Eth. Seconds later it tells me I don't have enough funds and that the Gas fee was something like 2Eth. So in other words the gas fees were several times more then what I was buying. This completely ruined my experience. The next day I find out that the high feels were due to high usage and things had came down. I was able to make a purchase but this time the Gas fees were just as much as the NFT pack itself. All that being said Eth has a strong Dev and user community so I expect things to only be better in the future.

Most Engaged

  • Ryya CryptoSharks

  • pilscoop

  • Rach Jain

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