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Crypto Section

CoinMax’s comment on Can CBDC's Transform Africa?

Africa has a growing tech class and a thriving start-up scene with a significant number of companies invested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. However, the continent still suffers from a lack of visionary and largely corrupt leadership which has kept the economies of most African states in the doldrums, a situation that has led to mass adoption of crytocurrencies due to the freedom and transparency of blockchain tech.

Nigeria is the third largest country for cryptocurrency trade in terms of volume but the general lack of trust between the people and govt institutions such as central banks will negatively affect the success of some of these CBDCs as most benefits associated with cryptos will not necessarily exist in these centralised tokens when they launch and Africans will probably prefer to stick with decentralised assets that are proven.

Just my take.

NFT Section

yasiraykac’s comment on NFTs and Adult Entertainment

The NFT's has had a great start to the year.

And I think it will continue for a long time.

Especially collection NFT's, NFT's that have a purpose.

Personally, I still think we limit the nft in our own minds.

Art is the age of technology.

And in this era, blockchain is a terrific technology.

It's nice to see it used in different places. I hope they succeed.

Let's see what else he can show us.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

EOS Section

cuanheato’s comment on Fed-Coin is coming, why blockchains like EOS matter

I'm looking forward most to see EOSTARTER take off, since an incubator in this relatively new space will be critical to the growth and development of projects. Furthermore, my hope is that this would attract more talent to EOS by making the prospects of a successful project more viable. Collaboration and resources from a large, renowned company like Google should also help toward this end.

On the other hand, I'm curious to see how Eden pans out. The real goal of any governing body is good governance (at least from the outset if nothing else), but that can run different courses obviously. It'd be interesting to see how they prevent incumbents from abusing power in practice. What happens when electors collude or band together? Like-minded individuals forming parties is inevitable. Lots of questions, but I do hope they can iron out the wrinkles, adequately adjusting the framework when necessary.

Ethereum Section

Siferdub’s comment on Ethereum Layer 2 Is Becoming Liquid

The key to the long-term success of Ethereum is 100% dealing with the high gas fees that make the blockchain virtually unusable for everyday transactions. Indeed, if Ethereum had solved for this issue prior to the recent bull-market, it realistically could have put in a serious challenge to Bitcoin supremacy.

Alas, it was not ready, and while Ethereum did enjoy a historic move up price-wise, it did not capitalize to the magnitude that it could and probably should have.

What Ethereum did and still does have though, is the first mover advantage. The project is responsible for bringing to life the power of smart contracts and everything that comes with them. This revolutionary innovation secured an immense amount of equity for the blockchain that is still far from exhausted.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that solutions like Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Starkware, zkSync and Loopring are seeing such personal successes. They are cleverly trading on the equity manufactured by Ethereum’s first mover advantage while simultaneously betting against Ethereum 2.0.

Personally I think many would-be investors have been lured away from Ethereum by the efficiency promises of competitors such as Cardano and Polkadot, as clearly evidenced by their price movements in relation to Ethereum since the beginning of the recent/current bull market.

Unfortunately for these investors I think they will ultimately kick themselves for not seeing the forest through the trees and recognizing that the first mover advantage of Ethereum, coupled with layer 2 solutions like the ones discussed in this article, are an unstoppable force that can almost certainly never be challenged.

For this reason my view is that Ethereum is undervalued by the crypto community and that when we look back at the current market correction, many of us will be kicking ourselves for not filling our bags.

Bitcoin Section

helallensana’s comment on Bitcoin Revolution Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint — Keep Learning, Keep Buying, Keep Stacking, Keep HODLing

I guess it's all about perspective.

What does Bitcoin mean to you?

if bitcoin is nothing more than just any market instrument to you

My humble advice is to take a step back and look at bitcoin again.

focus on its philosophy and potential.

No market instrument has ever offered you a fairer and freer world so powerfully.

In other words, the value that bitcoin deserves is above the numbers we see in the market.

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