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People need to redefine many things in 2021.

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So true!

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Currently, blockchain technology is not fully understood by people.

It is in a better condition than before, but not enough. We rely on this technology early on, it is a dynamic technology that develops itself.

but when other people lose value, they don't trust, when they are appreciated, they are interested.

we are only at the beginning of the road, the value of bitcoin will not be very important in the future. how many bitcoins do you have that will be important

Thank you to the author for the article. <3

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Most people are like that because they lost their money in crypto, bitcoin.

but someone has to lose so that someone can win

it shouldn't be seen as just making money, if it were, crypto would be no different from stocks.

the issue is much bigger blockchain, exchanges, networks, transfers these will be our future


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Bitcoin was a game changing coin, indeed it's undeniable. There were several coins invented before Bitcoin, but they didn't succeed, which gives credits Bitcoin to be pioneer in crypto world.

Pioneers always make history, that's why Bitcoin became very popular and it's dominating the market now. It certainly gives benefits to be economically free, decentralized and anonymous. However, Bitcoin is now slower compared to other crypto currencies as iRiSh mentions.

Everyone values Bitcoin because it is symbol of crypto world; every crypto project began their lives following the steps of Bitcoin. That's also why I respect it, and I think it will still have a valuable position in future. But other than that, I think there are and there will be alternatives to Bitcoin.

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I enjoy reading your Bitcoin articles. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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Bitcoin is the new currency of the world.

Rather than those who try to discredit Bitcoin, I consider it a great success for the benefits it offers us and for being the favorite currency of the digital age.

Of course, there will be negative and unsourced criticisms.

I believe that Bitcoin will bring us many benefits in the future.

Because I think Bitcoin will grow like an avalanche. I don't listen to negative reviews because I believe in Bitcoin. "Bitcoin" is the best solution for financial freedom.

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Thanks for the article, Sylvain. 👏

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First, for me, it's always 1BTC = 1BTC.

People still don't understand. But sometimes I think it's normal. Because it really is a big thing. It's possible to get lost in it. But this is great.

Bitcoin and Blockchain are such a big technology that people have a hard time understanding.

It's still being compared to the dollar. I think in the future, people will ask how many bitcoins you have? not how many dollar you have?.

I don't think it will matter at what price we buy bitcoin in the future. The world is changing and we are trying to adapt to that change.

Bitcoin opponents, on the other hand, oppose the change. I'll send some of your articles and ask for their opinion again. I think they'll change their minds.

We must take advantage of the opportunity presented to us.

I hope everyone understands Bitcoin. And adapts to change.

I love your articles. Every time I read it, my faith in bitcoin grows.

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day.

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Exactly 1Btc=1Btc

people will understand this better in the future

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Bitcoin is just a sight to gain or lose value. Everyone's opinion is different. You say bitcoin will bring freedom that will gain value. Some people are laughing. People laughed when Graham Bell told them about the phone. I also believe in bitcoin. I don't trust the price. I trust the innovations he brings. The current economic system is so bad that if bitcoin revolutionizes, it will be a huge revolution. The rich will be looking for holes to hide. If this revolution happens. If it doesn't happen, it's not because bitcoin is bad. Bitcoin is a really good technology. $ 1 or a hundred thousand dollars. Great technology.

Because the current economic system is bad. If people work, it will close their bitcoin shortfall, and better will come. My hope is crypto units.

I read a very beautiful article with pleasure. I used a translation. I'm sorry for the mistakes.

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After reading your Articles

I get a different level of Positive Confidence and Satisfaction

Blockchain is the future and the people have to accept it

If they don't do it now they will have to do it in future so that's why whoever ask me about blockchain i try to make them understand each and every point and want them to do the same cause the people who are knowledgeable about anything before everyone that's better for them and there future :)

Keep Posting About BTC Sylvain

I love reading your Articles ;)

Bitcoin ❤️

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Well ... I'm not sure I agree with some of this ...

Bitcoin is for sure ground breaking and game changing and Satoshi has finally lit a path for us to follow ...

But the High transaction cost , slow speed and low TX capability I don't think Bitcoin is the future.

Store of wealth ? Sure ... maybe ... but 99% of people don't agree that it's wealth yet and if we are just going to all come together to agree on something being a better and more convenient store of wealth then why not do it with a more efficient chain ?

Crypto Currency as a whole is the solution to many of our problems and will Only facilitate and increase world trade. For the first time in history we can trade cross boarder , cross currency , anywhere in the world in seconds, When you increase the speed, efficiency and size of any market then that market will thrive if it has what people want.

I don't care about Maxi this , Maxi that ... this chain is better than that chain ...

All Chains are better than the current system ... But

Bitcoin does about 4.6 Transaction per second.

Ethereum does about 30 Transactions per second.

Visa alone does about 1700 TX/s

If crypto and Blockchain technology is going to be the future then it has start doing 2500 TX/s and I would argue that it has to do it in a green and sustainable way that people can feel good about using.

What about Transaction speed ...

BTC Average TX time - 14 minutes

ETH Avg. TX - 5 minutes

WAX/EOS average T - 1.5 seconds

Enter EOS and WAX ... 2500 Transactions per second , practically no transactions fees and an average transaction speed of 1.5 seconds.

And it only took 1 day for Yoshi Coins to turn the whole block chain carbon negative and oxygen positive ... better than green.

This is the kind of efficiency that will change the world of commerce. I imagine a day in the not so distant future when crypto becomes the norm that because of increased commerce through efficiency we will have to start worry about things like 1 million Transaction per second chains just because absolutely everything is done on chain or semi on chain

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I definetely agree on this, thanks for bringing the numbers on. Bitcoin is a pioneer and it's not the only future.

Whenever I say Bitcoin is the future, I refer to the technology it brings into our lives.

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bitcoin gives you the right to control your money and gain power. In a system where we have to rely on the money that central banks print, and the governments behind it, you don't have control.

He who controls money controls everything.

If you have a private wallet key and that wallet has some bitcoin, only you can control it.

so you're in control of your money

bitcoin gives you power.

and freedom

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People really say Bitcoin has no utility in 2021 ???

Go back to the copper era grandpa 👀

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BTC seems on his way to be the crypto standard.

Only time will tell.

One sure thing is that Blockchain technology is taking over.

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We are in the 1% .

Bitcoin is something that will give us all kinds of freedom.

Thank you for your article.

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Yeah even now , We are still the 1%

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We are in the middle of mass adoption, this mindset is fading fast!

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Some people just want to stay in the past. I say let them, they'll regret it later.

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Institutions and organizations that aim to concentrate power in a certain center, to make people live in low living conditions and to always win the center and the rich will continue to make these propagandas.

You can understand this absurd situation even if you just think and question, no central system wants you to be free, to earn and transfer money, to trade freely. They always want you to be dependent on the central system and the rich.

While people are sailing for their freedom, they are quickly cornered and try to change their minds by applying psychological pressure and resistance to people.

But the weirdest part is that they know they can't beat bitcoin and try to impress people by offering the same things over and over with false hopes.

Once people fully realize that the future is in bitcoin, they will have to bow to it.

Take control of your life and put an end to all these imbalances!

Bitcoin is a window to your future and dreams, and while this window is open, I think you should know how to take advantage of it and use your time well.

Thanks for the article, well deserved article with very good points.

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