In my opinion, Solana's success is no coincidence. It will make its mark in the future.

Especially with Bitcoin's return from $29K, it gained great momentum. I'm looking forward to what will happen! Thank you for summarizing Solana!

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What Solana has done is truly extraordinary. I don't know how to describe my facial expression when I look at the chart :D I was expecting but not this much. One of the strongest of altcoins. I like it more than other leading altcoins and I think it will do much better in the long run. I hope Solana competes for the 2nd place after Bitcoin. I had seen their NFTs somewhere and didn't know it was about Solana. I really like them!

You summed it up well, thanks for your effort. It was an informative article about the Solana ecosystem. Hope you continue! Thanks.

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Yeah, always expect the unexpected from Solana. It made similar moves 3-4 months ago while Bitcoin was hitting down. It is my top favourite among major altcoins, I like its project and what it's capable of. As people has been calling it, Solana is the star of crypto. I hope it will reach a point where competition with Etherium gets hotter.

Thanks for the summary of Solana and its ecosystem! Meanwhile, I'm holding my tears while writing this comment since I missed the opportunity to get it where it was 2 months ago which we can basicly call dip.

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I had heard of solano months ago but had never researched it. When I started writing articles on this site, I heard it again and did a research. and I really liked the graphic it was promising.

The coins I have made the most money so far are nft projects, but unfortunately when I learned solano, I was in financial trouble, so I could not invest and unfortunately the train ran away.

Frankly, it still hasn't shown its full potential, I think you can still make a profit if you enter now, but I have a bad habit if I missed something on time, I can't buy it again.

I hope the nft trend continues. Thank you for reading.

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The very low transaction cost increases its preferability.

I find Solana DEXs successful.

As Elip, they work well in listing, advertising and similar issues.

Many Solana DEXs that I follow are upgrading well after the pre-sale.

High speed and low transfer fees make these projects preferable.

If it follows a path like Binance smart chain, as you said, it will definitely have a positive effect on its price.

They should do this.

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I saw Solana. He did a great rally. The All-Time Best.

The NFT frenzy looks set to continue. I hope it continues. Because I think we have two paths ahead of us. Either NFT wind or Shitcoin and scam projects.

I think the two are blocking each other. It's like Shitcoin is lagging behind while the NFTS are at the forefront. I don't like Shitcoin and scam projects at all. People are investing their money in the hope of 100x and some of it is losing a lot of money. He then says crypto is bad.

That's why I see an NFT wind as a wall. I love the NFT audience. There are usually knowledgeable people. It helps me improve myself.

Thanks for the nice post.

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I have been following solana for a long time. And a coin whose project I like.

I was expecting such a rise.

And I made my investment.

This increase did not surprise me, but it seems to surprise me in the long run.

A project that stands firm even when Bitcoin loses value. I like such projects.

Thanks for the information you provided in the article.

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Solana Solana is really been performing great since the start of the year. It was a project I wasn't very interested in.

But I wish I was interested.

Of course, as soon as the opportunities don't end, you have to find a new one.

But Solana danced in front of us. A successful project.

I hope keeps himself up to date. Solana jumps from success to success.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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It's a good phenomenon. It is difficult to achieve mass adaptation with only certain cryptocurrency. Various cryptocurrencies should be attracting attention and healthy competition should be achieved.

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It's a good phenomenon. It is difficult to achieve mass adaptation with only certain cryptocurrency. Various cryptocurrencies should be attracting attention and healthy competition should be achieved.

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We can see amazing rises in the market these days and Solana told us this before with its developments, actually it didn't surprise me. The Solana has the potential to become Ethereum time will tell us.

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Solana is the new trend nowadays and it was not an unexpected Growth cause i really believed that Solana has a good potential and it's just a starting according to my opinion :) DYOR

Thanks for a detailed Article on this Paragism ❤️

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the frenzy of NFTs really help bring attention to these other projects!

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Solana, so hot right now, Solana

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Solana was trustworthy in my eyes. But there were projects that I trusted more than Solana, but I realized that I was wrong.

I think Solana went beyond her potential and surprised everyone, they did a really great job.

Thanks for the article.

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The competition and cooperation between blockchains is getting hotter.

Every day we read news of a better and improved technology-blockchain.

solano seems to have done a great job, standing out from other competitors with both speed and transaction costs and made its own ATH.

Seamless cross-chain transfer of assets needed by the entire ecosystem and, of course, interoperability protocols are a big step forward.

I was not aware of solano NFT projects.

I'm sorry I missed this.

I will examine it more carefully now.

Thank you for your great article.

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