It's such a pity to see collapse of Venezuelan bolivar throughout years. I really don't like how USD and other currencies of developed countries have impact on overall world. A silly news regarding to these countries might decrease currencies of developing countries in short time, and this just doesn't make sense.

We are living in a world where currently the powerful beats weakened by using a few worlds, however Bitcoin and the blockchain technology is there to be saviour of these kinds of situations apart from their other solid properties. What they offer us is a huge in order to overcome inflation. You had a good point, most of the people who are aware of this are from other countries than Western part of the world, since majority of these people live in welfare.

However, the situation in Venezuela still concerns me. Yes, Bitcoin has potential to help Venezuelans to heal their wounds, but in what scale? Purchasing power of a regular Venezuelan isn't equal to purchasing power of any regular American, this still exposes how awful inflation is...

Thanks for the article, I genuinely don't like talking about politics. I hope one day everyone will know how it feels to live in peace.

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The grass is trampled while the elephants fight.

This is exactly the situation of the poor and desperate Venezuelan people.

A people ruled by a dictator and those trying to overthrow that dictator.

So who are those who have to endure the torment?

a people who are poor and unable to meet their most human needs.

this photo is the same in many parts of the world

helpless people caught between those who try to do social engineering and those who use their economic power as a weapon.

bitcoin can be a torch of freedom.

That's why we need to support and grow it.

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It happens all the time in the world. Those who started the war or caused the war do not suffer. The poor always pay the bill. 😔

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You're so right. For us, bitcoin may be the only exit door. We have to hold on to this door.

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It's really sad that Venezuela is in a bad state. I am sure that everyone who wants peace and freedom in the world will be upset about this situation. Purchasing power is perhaps the most important point of the economy. Currency, whatever, bolivar, usd, pound, euro... If you can't live in prosperity in your own country, with your own currency, the government has a great responsibility and guilt here. It is not something I really want to talk about politics at this young age and unfortunately we are forced to do so.

As you said, Bitcoin is a system that stands like a rock in the face of such sad situations. Bitcoin and altcoins, but especially Bitcoin that started this era, has given and remains hope to their HODLers. It is a pleasure to be aware of this system. Everyone who supports this system actually supports peace and freedom. Of course, there are malicious people on this road. As everywhere.

I hope that the difference in welfare between Venezuela and all the countries that are in bad state and the very developed countries will decrease. All people of the world deserve to be happy and live in peace. Bitcoin is a valuable system that supports this happiness and peace.

Thanks for your article!

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I think that countries with bad economy will contribute to their economy by investing in Bitcoin.

If the country takes this decision as an administration, the contribution will increase even more.

These countries

Bitcoin is the most useful tool to prevent economic sanctions, pressures and try to create its own economy.

Getting rid of economic pressures will pave the way for many issues, and for this, you should get rid of foreign dependency and create your own economic structure.

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I am saddened by what happened in Venezuela. In fact, such situations can occur not only in Venezuela, but also in many countries. Nobody wants their currency to lose value. Politics is one of the main reasons for this.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been long since I started crypto. I wish I had started earlier and had taken advantage of the opportunities presented to us sooner. Although I'm just a beginner, with the articles here and my various researches, I quickly learned that the freedom that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies actually give us is more important than many things.

Bitcoin is a system that can resist these problems in Venezuela or any other country. That's why it's so important to support it and see its progress. Perhaps, in the coming years, Bitcoin will easily bring the peace and prosperity that politicians or the current banking and monetary systems cannot bring. We have full faith in this!

Thank you for the article.

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Same thing about Ukraine, Belarus, Syria and other countries who stuck between huge countries. It seems like these countries are used as a battleground. Hate that

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The whole world is like this.

We feel or don't feel. Our money is losing value.

Some people go through it, some people think they don't. Because his life is a little more comfortable. But even if he doesn't know it, more or less his money is losing value.

I think a person who is aware of this is the owner of bitcoin.

When I talked to my father about it, he didn't understand things. He doesn't know technology very much. He wants to know the system completely. If people learn and put it into action, the world can become very different.

Our money, our crypto.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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Old people think differently. They are more dominant in areas like gold, silver, oil. I hope you're getting along. I tell my dad, too, but he's asking hard questions. It puts me at a dead end. I'm getting rid of it, and another question. I hope I can convince him. If you succeed, tell me how you did it.

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Yeah, he says don't take what you don't have. He's waiting for something to be physical. But the age is changing. He will move forward with those who change together.

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Cryptocurrencies have come to be of great help and a way out of inflation and Venezuela's economic disaster. But none better than Eos and Eosio that offer us their transaction speed and autonomy. But nothing better than the HuFi movement that is promoted through eosmarketplace.io a commerce directory that supports us with zero commission transactions and more than 700 affiliated merchants prove it. Go Eos!!

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In Venezuela since the beginning of 2020, we have been working with EOS as a form of payment, thanks to EOS MicroLoan and then in November 2020 to EOS Market Place. We have a network of more than 800 businesses listed on eosmarketplace.io accepting EOS as a form of payment, for products or services offered in a Community of more than 3,000 users who make a life within it.

It can be found, from making Delivery to obtaining a refrigerator to refrigerate products in a bakery or still life. These tools have been very helpful for Venezuelans who are experiencing a hyperinflation that may have existed in the world, where day by day there is more poverty. This is where thanks to EOS we have been able to sustain a little and get ahead, empowering many people who have adopted it as a way of life.

#Eos #Eosmicroloan #Eosmarketplace #HuFi #Venezuela

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I really feel sorry for Venezuela. They have even more oil reserves than Arab countries, but just because they are not friends with America, they cannot extract it and sell it.

People are unhappy when there is so much wealth in the country. Dollars are very valuable to them, don't tell others you have dollars because they will want to kill you and take your money, advises tourists.

bitcoin can be a savior for them because bitcoin means innovation, I'm sure they will attract investors to the country with a nice project

I hope the suffering of the Venezuelan people will end as soon as possible.

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When I found out about this situation in Venezuela, I had not yet met crypto.

"Cryptocurrencies have destroyed VENEZUELA'S economy,"the report said. At the time, bitcoin was thought of as a harmful formation that affected economies badly.

Then I met crypto and saw that it wasn't the case. Bitcoin can only be a solution to this.

Politics is very interesting. It keeps changing. People who stand for something today are opposed to it tomorrow. Today, the United States has support from countries like China, while tomorrow they may oppose you. In the current order, you will either be strong or obey the power. A time when the strong rule. Small countries must be careful not to be crushed in this battle for power.

Thanks for the good article.

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Bitcoin is not just an investment tool. As you have just read, it is a means of liberation from the current inflationary system.

This technology, which has a global awareness and value, is the solution to many problems.

The bigger the problem, the more valuable it is in the solution.

As you can see the magnitude of the problem, 28 million people live in Venezuela alone. But there are many countries like this and this number can reach billions.

The value of bitcoin, which is a solution to such a big problem, is also increasing to this extent.

Bitcoin is not your enemy. It is the enemy of your enemies.

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Criyptocurrencies have been a great way to protect our money from the inflation that our country is going through. However it is very important to stand out that thanks to EOS a lot of venezuelans have had the opportunity to REALLY feel empowered. Because of the microloans people were able to start their own business and have total control of their finances and create liquidity.

So EOS is the real key to freedom from this systematic crisis

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Una muestra que la solución no está en manos de los políticos, ni de los banqueros. si no en cada uno de de nosotros empoderando nos y dándole el mayor impulso y posición a nuestro proyecto..con dedicación compromiso y esfuerzo todo es posible...👍👍👍

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Since I found out about the EOS project in San Carlos, I said this is something big, it is a radical change to everything that is currently known about finance. EOS allows us to free ourselves from the chains of the current financial system and the systematic misery in which the dictatorship has submerged us. With the project you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. And as the article says FOR VENEZUELANS TO STOP SURVIVING AND BEGIN TO LIVE.

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The economy in Venezuela makes no sense at all. Since 2008 the Bolívar has been devalued and 14 zeros have been removed (that's 100 trillions).

Bitcoin and other cryptos have certainly helped the people overcome these obstacles.

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