Just what I was wondering. Thanks.

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Jul 4, 2021Liked by Sylvain Saurel

In bitcoin, we trust, because no matter how humans intervene, BTC doesn't care. It will keep doing its thing.

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Bitcoin is getting stronger.

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I also see the future in bitcoin. The difficulty of Mining is increasing and increasing the value of bitcoin. It seems fine to me. I don't see bitcoin as money. It's not 40 grand or 100 grand for me. I look at bitcoin as a technology. It's a great technology, whether its price goes up or down.

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I am happy that the Bitcoins share of electricity from renewable resources has reached 55% or more than that cause it's very good for the environment purpose and also good for future uses as more people will not have a Dispute against Environmental issues arrised by the BTC mining. Elon Musk Said that after 50% of share of electricity from renewable resources will be used he will start accepting BTC again as a payment and which can also help to boost up the price after Elon Confirms it on his Twitter Handle.

I am also sort of happy about BTC ban in China if it had some drawbacks it also had many good opportunities as Most of The Miners were from China and after China ban they are shifting to their other branches situated all over the world and It is also the opportunity for the new miner's to start mining BTC.

Future of BTC is always bright

Being a Hodler From 2015 makes me feel really proud that i never sold it at any cost not at the ATH

I will keep supporting BTC and The Price Factor is just 30% for me but the concept and Future is 70% and i will suggest whoever is reading this to buy BTC cause you guys have got a golden opportunity to make a entry to Bitcoin and may not get this chance again

Last time when BTC was at 60K people wanted opportunities to buy btc and now there id a opportunity don't think twice just do your own research and grab a sit for the long run ;)

( Sorry if you didn't liked any of my words and please correct me so I will try to not make the same mistake again)

Thanks for the Article Sylvain

BTC ❤️🔥

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There is something I noticed in this depreciation . the slightest bad news gets be and immediately falls to the media, followed by the falls. But good news is not appreciated and not announced. There must be a great power behind it. Because the world's leading news channels sabotage this situation.

For example, El Salvador changed its currency to bitcoin, but it did not receive much press coverage. This event is an important occasion for the crypto world, regardless of country. Especially the American financial press is somewhat biased in this case. For example, China's ban on cryptocurrency, I've been in this market for a long time, I've heard this news 7-8 times, but the American financial press is reporting it with exaggeration . I mean, the bad news is brought forward, but the good news is hidden and it is obvious that there is a force that manages it. But we stand behind this technology until the end

Many thanks to the author for this article.

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We all know what Elon did was an obvious manipulation. Didn't Tesla know that most of the miners damage nature, without using sustainable energy? They made this game changing announcement like: suddenly an apple hit their head and they started thinking about ethics part of mining. It's kinda funny from whichever perspective you look. On the other hand, China dang the hammer by banning mining in their country. As it is mentioned in the article, I think it will benefit development of mining process. Miners will not depend on China anymore, and they will be able to setup theirs systems in places that care more about sustainable energy. EOS and WAX ecosystems are good examples of nature supportive mining, I believe miners and mining companies can take advantage of this. Therefore, they can gather information from such ecosystems and even make a cooperation.

Thank you for this informative article. Everything will be better in future if none loses hope.

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I think gold price is proportional to btc, whenever gold goes up, bitcoin goes down.

Gold gained momentum in May, unfortunately Elon Musk and China's announcement made it so. BTC made the biggest drop in history

Don't forget btc is an indestructible fortress!!!

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Recently, with the news from China, the blocks extracted with the decrease in the hash rate have decreased by half.

It is designed to balance this hash rate drop.

Bitcoin's difficulty adjustment suffered its biggest drop ever, with a 28% drop.

A decrease in Bitcoin difficulty means an increase in profitability in BTC mining.

With the decrease in difficulty, miners will be able to mine BTC more easily. With these developments, Bitcoin mining

It is expected that the interest in.

In cryptocurrency markets, there is a logic that has been accepted for many years “Bitcoin price follows hash rate” looking at it from this point of view many in the past

once your word was proven correct. So the creation of new operations and the expansion of the operations of existing Bitcoin mining companies.

It may be possible to increase the price with the hash rate again, such as September - October.

Price and Hash have made serious dips and it now looks like the time for a comeback is approaching.

It is very helpful to read your articles thank you for informing us .

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First of all, I'm very happy about this.

People understand bitcoin now. They support Bitcoin.

Of course, there are still a lot of people who oppose it. But every day they change sides. Thus, unresolved problems disappear.

The Elon Musk influence is waning.

Especially the transition to renewable energy is very nice. Although it may seem like a challenge right now, it's very good things for the long term. The reason is that we are now solving problems that may arise later.

I mean, if we think of it as a puzzle, we're putting the right pieces in right now. And the good news is, I think the puzzle is close to finished.

I think that all fears will end in the future, and we will look at these days with laughter.

With a wish to write from the days when bitcoin was better.

Thanks for the great article.

Have a nice day.

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Yes it will continue to get stronger with snowball effect.

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That's a relief, I knew this 30k to 40k bounce would be the new floor, good news ahead!

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Thanks Sylvain! Another great one. Go BTC!

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In fact, as you mentioned in the article, this approach of the Chinese government is very positive news for bitcoin.

we will get rid of several negative arguments at once.

51 percent attack rumors.

Miners will now be encouraged to use more environmentally friendly energy when moving to a new facility.

This effect of the Chinese news, which we are used to hearing all the time and which negatively affects the markets, will decrease.

All is well for Bitcoin.

now is a good time to buy bitcoin,

If Musk announces that he will be paid in bitcoin again with a statement very soon, you may be late.

thanks for the great article

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What did I said weeks ago

Everything was just being chaotic momentarily, but is normal !

Let’s learn from this !!!

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China's decisions regarding cryptocurrency mining started the mining migration and caused Texas to embrace miners as game changers. On the other hand, experts explain that the miner shortage due to the fact that the majority of miners are in China will reflect more income to other miners.

According to reports, it is estimated that more than 90 percent of China's Bitcoin mining capacity is closed. Between 65 percent and 75 percent of all global Bitcoin mining is thought to take place in China. In this case, it is thought that the damage to the miners in China will be a plus to the miners of other countries.

Currently, the rewards for miners are limited to 6.25 BTC. It used to be 12.5 BTC. However, since the total supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million, the amount of Bitcoin given to miners is halved every four years.

Crypto experts say that with more Bitcoin miners going offline due to China's restrictions, the share of other miners in the network will increase, potentially making mining much more lucrative.

I think everything looks positive.

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The value of btc will be madness due to scarcity and mining problems.So,like a diamond btc must be valued as a rare assets that few of one could access.

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We are the ones who created and spread FUD!

I think I can easily say whether the developments in line with the Chinese ban, Elon Musk and similar events have affected the market.

FUD is nothing new, it's like a basic human instinct. But when this happens in the stock market, people's psychology is very volatile. In general, distrust in bitcoin stems from psychological factors such as fear, uncertainty and doubt.

People who examine their psychological thoughts in this direction and develop themselves in psychology trust bitcoin.

In short, moves against bitcoin are only temporary.

In my opinion, the golden rule here is to examine the vicissitudes of the past rather than conscious, patient and empty news, and to act in this direction as a result of our research.

There will be powerful people or organizations that oppose everything popular or try to manipulate it for their own benefit.

Believing them directly and adopting this mentality will go no further than nonsense.

Always being a doomsman will bring us defeat, this will make us ten jurisdictions against bitcoin without investment.

On the contrary, if you research and look back, you will clearly see that bitcoin is always evolving and winning.

Why not be among these winners?

For example, if we come to what Elon Musk said, he says that he harms nature. But if you think logically, you'll realize that such a powerful and prestigious investor was aware of these before investing in bitcoin, but didn't need to state it because he knew it would conflict with his earnings.

You will see that there is no reason not to trust bitcoin, which has managed to scare even large investors and institutions with its development in this direction.

Now is the time to invest in bitcoin. It is not known that you will ever buy bitcoin at such low prices again. Maybe this luck will come back to you only after many years.

It's time to use your time well and make a profit!

To trust something, you have to know it. To know Bitcoin, it will be enough for you to observe its dazzling developments.

Bitcoin will come. If you want to take a step towards your future, you can take a solid step towards your future with bitcoin.

To the future with Bitcoin!

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Very nice words amazing 👏

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